There’s a certain irony in my game play lately. On one hand I’m quite content with my adventures in World of Warcraft which makes for some pretty boring blog posts (there’s no drama after all) and on the other hand it leaves me feeling incredibly disconnected from the small community of bloggers and friends that I’ve ‘met’ on twitter. After all, I’m not playing Civilization V, I’m not exploring FFXIV, I’m not looking forward to the CCP/White Wolf recently announced vampire MMO, I’m not eagerly awaiting any MMO (SW:TOR, Secret World, GW2) or game (DA:2) and I don’t have a strong opinion on any of the drama that may be going on. That’s right, for the first time ever I’m simply enjoying the games I am playing (WoW and Minecraft for the most part).

Who would have thought.

6 Responses to Disconnected

  1. Gozad says:

    Gnomes Rule! *assembles pie throwing apparatus, aims at Kezan, prepares to blast them dirty Goblins*. Thought I would give you some drama to look forward to in Cataclysm lol.

  2. Hauntshade says:

    Hehe, same here i have been really enjoying WoW lately, although i am looking forward to SWTOR, but right now i am pretty happy playing WoW :)

  3. Jaffa says:

    For a while there my brain was convinced you were playing WoW and Minesweeper!

    Minecraft certainly looks interesting, in a “if I wasn’t already busy with Civ5 and EQ2 I’d like to have a look at this” sort of way.

  4. Dril says:

    I’m really disappointed with myself. I started playing Allods again…I vowed I never would, but it made me miss it so much. I got to level 16 then realised that the EU servers were close to dead and that the cash shop really was a milking machine. It kind of changed my perspective a little bit; everyone cries about the Allods cash shop but I sort of never registered how bad it was. I’m starting to think that perhaps people who say Trammel and NGU ruined their games aren;t over-exaggerating.

    Anyway. Yeah, I never realised how much I missed an MMO in my time…but there’s none left. Ah well :/

    Minecraft is awesome anyway.

  5. Shall we create some WoW-drama, then? I’m sure we can figure something out, you traitors! *throws pies around*

  6. Scopique says:

    But you ARE enjoying Minecraft!

    I’m kinda in the same boat-ish…I’ve fallen back into WoW, and aside from short forays into Civ V, maintaining my LotRO and EQ2 subs, I haven’t touched them, really. I dunno why, but I’m not so entheused (?) on the other titles either…but I usually say that until a few days prior to release, and then start forthing at the mouth :D

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