Lets Talk Community (Or Lack Of)

Tipa made a good point on a previous point. In most games if you come in as a new player you’re helped. You’re offered suggestions on how to play better, where to go, gear, and gain a general sense of the community. In World of Warcraft, this is not the case. Tipa mentioned that as a new player the community is never more harsh then it is in WoW and she’s exactly right. Why is this the case? What has hardened everyone to become ignorant of a new player? Why are we not acting the same in this game as every other game? Tolerance is at an all time low.

There has been one group in my many many LFD PUG’s that was kind to new players. This was a regular version of Halls of Reflection. Two players (myself included) stated that they had never been there before. As it turned out the two players were the tank, and the healer. People were kind, explaining the encounters. Told me to watch my mana and try not to over extend myself so that I could heal through all of the waves. They told the tank about pulling the single mob (the one who creates replicas of group members) back to the main chamber to avoid his adds. This was the only group I can remember where players were kind to those of us who had not been there before.

However – I also feel that it works both ways. Very rarely do I know someone has never been before. No one speaks in groups any more. If you’ve never been to a dungeon and don’t SAY that you’ve never been and that you may be new, how am I supposed to know to explain the encounters, or to help out. There is such an aura of fear of being ‘new’ that no one is communicating.

The few times that my group does communicate, it’s someone stating that they have to go AFK to do drugs (I hear this so often now I wonder how many times it’s true) or some other nonsense. Do people who do drugs actually have to broadcast it to everyone around them or is this a popularity thing? I have no idea, seeing as I’ve never been involved in that sort of activity. I just find it odd that everyone has to announce to the rest of the world (game) what they’re doing.

The community (or lack of) in WoW is certainly unique to me. I’ve played many games, and if it were not for the handful of friends I have on the Firetree server, I wouldn’t be playing. There’s no way I’d be able to handle the community as it stands now.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

4 Responses to Lets Talk Community (Or Lack Of)

  1. RC says:

    Happens in EQ2 too. Not just with PUGS but within the last 2 guilds I was in. No one remembers that instances and boss mobs were new to them once too. In the 10-15 seconds it would take to explain how the next encounter works, everyone remains silent, the tank says “ready?”, i say “anything I need to know” sometimes both in the chat box and voice, next thing I hear is “incoming”. And then I fail if there is a joust, I fail on dps because I may go too fast on mobs that can’t be burned w/o bad side effects or my dps is too slow on mobs that need to be burned down before they explode, or I fail on anything thats not a straight burn fight, whatever. And then you get a bad rep, ostracized and no one wants to group with you. Pugs will boot you, guild will mock you. Move on to the next guild and the same thing.

    These current mmo’s are beyond saving. Just wasting my time away until the new ones start coming out. The way it is now, if you don’t do all the instances within the first 2 weeks of them being released and have them memorized, or aren’t max level 1 week after an expansion, good luck fending for yourself from that point on cuz the game becomes “how fast can we run thru this dungeon”.

  2. Dril says:

    As I said, I’ve quit WoW indefinitely due to the dungeon finder. I think it’s a stupid feature, and…yeah. It kills the community.

    About the drugs thing: it’s not real. Seriously, I know a load of people who do drugs and a load who play WoW…none of them cross-over. It’s just a “look hard” thing. People like to think that SAYING they do drugs is indie and awesome. Yeah.

  3. Odius says:

    I returned to WoW a couple months ago for a brief stint, and it was my first experience with the group finder. It’s truly amazing what that feature alone has done to the community. I’ve never felt so alienated in a game before, and I usually like solo play, but WoW has definitely taken it to a new level. It definitely would be a harsh world for a new player who didn’t know anyone at all.

  4. Arkenor says:

    Unfortunately, people don’t often dare tell people that they’re new. Once you’ve been kicked out for admitting it once, you’re reluctant to do that again.

    It is utterly messed up, but far from restricted to WoW. I’d go on, but I’d end up sounding like a grumpy old man who remembers kinder gentler times.

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