Taking in the Changes

It was bound to happen sooner or later. The lure of cosmetic gear in the LotRO store was calling my name. With my saved up turbine points yesterday I picked up three new pieces, and placed them in my wardrobe. Pleased that I can share the items across all characters that way, I think it was a good purchase. I love how the prices are incredibly reasonable, I don’t have to debate with myself over spending $10+ for a single outfit (Ahem, EQ2 I’m looking at you).

Lysthia the Minstrel is now level 33, Toargo and I spent some time yesterday completing Tier II skirmishes which are a LOT harder then Tier 1. We gathered a lot of tokens which I used to upgrade a few pieces of gear as well as my protector soldier. I wanted to work on some crafting, but I need to complete a metalsmith quest before I am able to move on to the next tier. Lysthia is my Armourer, able to do prospecting, metalsmithing, and tailoring. My other characters include a tinkerer, woodsman(woman) and historian – this allows me to have one of everything, and it works well. I’m eager to get back to doing regular quests. While skirmishes are a great source of xp if you do them as dailies, they don’t drop enough of the ‘other stuff’ that I enjoy like crafting materials and potions. Not to mention you miss out on the whole adventuring and exploring aspect of the game.

I spent a fair amount of time in WoW trying to get used to 4.0.1. My priest has changed a good amount. Number one, power regen was removed from all gear which meant that a lot of my heal set was now unnecessary. All mana regen gems were changed to spirit, which now controls in combat (and out) regen exclusively it seems. I no longer have a spirit buff, which is not too big of a deal since the stats on every single piece of gear has changed. My DPS 2h staff now only sports stam which I was sad to see, so I’ve switched to the 1h and off hand item full time for both specs. I decided to go discipline once more but I haven’t actually healed any level 80 heroics yet, so I can’t really give my opinion on those changes. I do not like how many justice items are required to purchase heirloom gear. Previously you could purchase shoulders or a bp for 40 emblems, which I had just enough of but neglected to puchase before 4.0.1 – now they are 2100+ justice which is FAR beyond what any other piece of gear costs, including the frost gear. When my emblems transferred to the new type it left me just shy of 600. A far cry from the 2100 required.

The earthquakes that are plaguing Azeroth are neat – but they cause me to have incredible bouts of vertigo. I have to close my eyes or look away until they pass. Having my screen shake up and down is not fun.

I don’t mind change but having to re-learn how to play all of my characters in each spec is daunting. I’ve been concentrating on the priest first because that’s my ‘main’ and the other characters I have will take a back seat. It gives me a headache now just to think of it. I haven’t even logged the paladin or death knight in to see how the changes have affected them, nor the rogue. One step at a time.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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