I Feel Like a Wom– Warlock!

I’m still (slowly) going through each of my characters and adjusting them from 4.0.1 – yesterday I decided that instead of being a protection paladin, I’d go dps. Tanks of all shapes and sizes (minus Death Knights currently) have been up in arms over the changes because aggro is now a huge issue. I don’t blame them. Forums are now livid. The most amusing comment I heard was from a paladin who was upset that healbot no longer worked. Healing is one thing I don’t need a mod to do at least.

Yesterday it was the warlocks turn, I teamed up with Detch (priest) and Toargo (warrior) and we decided to trio some of the non-heroic Wrath dungeons. It gave me some time to play around with my talents and figure out what was what. The first thing I did was go down my ‘usual’ warlock line, which (before 4.0.1) was destruction. I found that my casting was sluggish and dps suffered. I was doing ok but not great, 3k in most situations.

We decided to do the zone a second time, and this time I switched out for demonology which was a spec I had actually never used because the dps never compared (in PvE) to the other two chains.

Since 4.0.1 this is no longer the case – my dps went up by a HUGE amount. In my 5k gs outfit I was easily hitting 5-7k on most fights, 12k+ on large groups. FINALLY my warlock FELT like a warlock, instead of a mage class with a pet. My damage comes from my demon, and not so much from me spamming spells. I haven’t even added glyphs yet, so I’m eager to get that situated.

I’m still cranky that most of my stats were removed from the caster weapons I sport. I have Seethe but have been attempting to get the off hand from Halls of Reflection (heroic) for quite some time. Another attempt yesterday resulted in another day of it not dropping. It was probably the fastest run of HoR I have ever done, with the druid easily parsing 10k and the Lich King well behind us the entire way.

I still feel quite bad for tanks and their lack of aggro management with the changes. Toargo mentioned that soloing is quite fun with the boosted dps and heals, but since everyone else in game had their dps boosted by a large amount it was making things difficult for him and that he was reluctant to tank, even with his 5.5k gs. Hopefully something comes to fix that before too long.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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