My Biggest EQ2 Mystery

I know, it’s been a really long time since I logged into EQ2, and it shows. There are a few reasons for that. Number one I have been incredibly unsatisfied with the new “EQ2X” idea. I think the pricing plan is horrid, and that it does nothing to populate the already-somewhat lacking servers that are in desperate need of a boost. Not including Antonia Bayle where the population thrives. Before or around the grand reveal of EQ2X a bunch of my friends stopped playing for whatever personal reasons. This left me with even less of a reason to log in. For the past few months I’ve barely played and it’s actually been refreshing.

When Gu58 went live I logged in all of my characters just to make sure things were in order, and I came across the letter posted to the left. Now, on first glance this may seem like your typical roleplay letter, nothing unusual. It was addressed to Stargrace on Antonia Bayle, my inquisitor.

Giving that letter a second look one thing may pop out from those who know me well – it is written by Ellithia, who is a character of mine that I moved off of Antonia Bayle and over to Oasis. When I first read the letter (supposedly from my own character) I had to ask myself if I had some how written it myself. A quick search on EQ2 players showed no other Ellithia characters aside from my own that I had moved to Oasis. I can’t even reply to the letter because the character does not exist.

How creepy! Awesome, but creepy.

I don’t have the faintest idea who wrote it, or how long this letter sat in my mailbox before I finally logged in and read it. I don’t know what became of my ‘sister’ but this totally made my day and reminded me that while I may not enjoy the game of EQ2 itself right now – the community? Is by FAR one of the best I’ve ever encountered (second only to that in EverQuest).

After being away from the game for so long I find it difficult to know just how to get back into the swing of things, or if I even want to try. Then there is also the fact that my friends are all off playing their various games now, which leaves me quite sad. We’ll just have to see I suppose.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

8 Responses to My Biggest EQ2 Mystery

  1. stargrace says:

    @Akely – I dislike the pricing plan if you actually plan on paying, I’m sure it’s great if you’re not paying anything *chuckles* Also, I don’t dislike EQ2X – I dislike what it does to live servers. I’m all for free to play, I think it’s a great idea when implemented properly. After playing LotRO/DDO F2P I think EQ2X is done horribly.

    I’m by no means against F2P, I just think EQ2 has done a horrible job with it.

  2. Akely says:

    I really like EQ2X. Especially the pricing plan. No, hear me out.

    When my characters started reaching the End Game it was the end for me. I really loath he End Game. Endless repetive grinding for Shards or Marks to get gear to be able to do group content. I’m an Explorer typy of player, and that means that much stuff looses its luster afte seing it a few times. Doing daylies or Hot Zones just do not do it for me.

    Se EQ2X gives me what I like in the game. I can putter around with classes I have not tried before doing content I have not seen before, forgot or love. And I pay nothing, freeing up money for two Eve accounts.

    To each his own, which means I hope that the Live servers will continue to stay up, so that people who prefer that model can stay playing. Th mergers will help with that. But that mergers is needed is a sign what is the future. More people are going ‘free’, and I suspect that many do pay more than the sub, in the end. Me, I pay NOTHING. And I’m happy with what I get. Win – win, except for SOE.

  3. Sol says:

    I think Stargrace was smoking jumjum crack one night and wrote herself the letter while mourning the loss of Ellithia. After all, with a name like that, she had to have hippies for parents.

  4. Vlcan says:

    It wasn’t me or was it? Mwhaha!!!

    * With the snap of his finger’s Vlcan vanishes to another world *

  5. Dril says:

    @Chris: I thought it might be a dev as well. Either that, or an old guildie of some sort.

  6. Chris says:

    Wow, that is really cool. Any thought that perhaps a dev follows your blog and wanted to have a little fun? Either way, whoever is responsible is wonderfully articulate and creative.

  7. Niall says:

    I don’t know if it has any special meaning to you or your characters, but that last sentence with the quotes, is from the Idol of Everling, and is used to open up a secret forum quest from Vhalen called The Rune of Sunder (I think)

  8. Tipa says:

    That is a really beautiful, and sad, letter.

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