EQ2 Announces Server Merges (Finally)

You can find this posted on the Official Forums:

Hi there, Norrathians,

We’ve been planning to merge the EQII Live servers for a long while now, and most of you have been asking for it to happen for just as long. As part of our ongoing effort to utilize community feedback and deliver the best gameplay experience possible, I am happy to announce that we will begin merging several servers this fall.  Bigger population density on a server is just simply more fun for everyone involved, so it’s time to get it done.

Therefore, beginning on November 16th, we’re going to start merging servers together. It’s going to take a while (many weeks) to get all the merges completed, but we’ll start the process on that date. (We will move slowly so we can double-check and troubleshoot between each pair of merges instead of just doing them all at once.)  We hope this will bring a more enjoyable experience for players across Norrath.

All told, 16 servers will be affected.

The Merges

  • Nektulos merges into Guk
  • Najena merges into Unrest
  • Befallen merges into Oasis
  • Blackburrow merges into Everfrost
  • Mistmoore merges into Permafrost
  • Kithicor merges into Butcherblock
  • Runnyeye merges into Splitpaw (UK)
  • Innovation merges into Valor (DE)

We’ll pre-announce each merger before it occurs and keep you updated on the status of the merges as they progress.

11 servers will remain unaffected because they are already populated enough or because of contractual obligations that prevent such merges at this time.

The Unaffected

  • Antonia Bayle
  • Nagafen
  • Crushbone
  • Lucan D’Lere
  • Harla Dar (RU)
  • The Nexus (RU)
  • Barren Sky (RU)
  • Sebilis (JP)
  • Storms (FR)
  • Vox (Live Gamer)
  • The Bazaar (Live Gamer)

There are more details on these merges at this link.

~ Dave “Smokejumper” Georgeson

Thoughts? Personally, I’ve been waiting for server merges for a while. I think it’s a little odd that they’re not offering players transfers, as even EQ offered them with their recent merges, but to each their own. Perhaps that is a way to entice players to spend some cash to move their characters via station marketplace.

7 Responses to EQ2 Announces Server Merges (Finally)

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Befallen (my server) merges into Oasis, where you have several characters. Means I might actually group with you someday. Kewl!

  2. Like Kilejaih, my EQ2 Live characters are stuck on the merge-less LDL server. A merge might have prompted me to resubscribe to try and get those pesky final steps of the epic weapon line done. As it is, I will probably stick to (not paying for) EQ2X until the next expansion.

  3. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    I think it’s a good thing and will hopefully help the game. But I do agree that it would be nice if free transfers were offered to players.

  4. Kilejaih says:

    Glad they are merging even if my server was passed up(LDL seems like a ghost town). I really like SOE games but some of their decision just leave me scratching my head, such as the eq2x implementation. I used to be a game nomad but have stuck to eq2 the past 4 years. It might be time to move along. Hoping Tera the rift is good enough to try out.

  5. Olphas says:

    So … only one german Server remains … and it’s not the one that was my “home” for so long.

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