Exploration – My Favorite Part of Any Game

It was a long, long, walk but my little hobbit Minstrel finally made it to the glorious home of the elves – along with her trusted guardian Toargo, of course. We’re into the mid 30 level range now and adventuring along nicely. It’s nice to take a few breaks here and there of course, because you can only run to and from a location so many times before you just want to pull out someones hair. Like the NPC who sent you there (and back, and there, and back, and there). Finding my way from where ever it was I was, to this new location (did I mention names are not my strong point?) was an adventure all on its own. There were ferocious bears, and giant trolls blocking the roads. Orange to our little hobbit behinds. Dangerous. It was awesome.

I love this part of the journey, this exploration. I think there needs to be more rewards for wandering off of the set trail in games and exploring on your own. Sure, pretty scenery is great but I was thinking something more outside the box.

Speaking of more – I was killing a random bear and managed to loot an item that could be turned in to the taxidermist and created into a housing item! I love housing items (well known fact) and eagerly ran home to place it. I also changed the ambient music to my home, the floors and walls, and purchased a few pieces of furniture like a bed. While LotRO’s housing isn’t nearly as customizable as some other games, it’s still nice to “own” a little section and decorate it as I want. Plus I do have to admit, that bear looks pretty awesome.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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