Holidays Done Right

It’s that time of year, where everything spooky and scary makes its way into our favorite games, and hordes of people show up to create enormous lag partake in the festivities. After taking part in the events on Eq2, WoW, and LotRo, I have to say no one does it better then turbine. They did an absolutely amazing job with their haunted burrow. I’m hoping to get a little video of it to post up later today but it depends on whether or not I can actually stomach going back.

See, one thing turbine also does well is effects. When you run into big bad characters your entire screen will flash and shake and phase out. Neat right? Well, not so neat for those of us who get motion sick and vertigo VERY easily. The one down side to this haunted house (although I totally understand it’s about atmosphere) is that it causes me to be physically ill during certain parts.

Speaking of which, have you attempted to complete the initiation to The Inn League? Fantastic quest, lots of drinking, BUT again once you become inebriated the entire screen moves and shakes and swerves to the left or right while taking on a beer coloured hue. Great effects, if it were not for the fact that I wanted to spew my dinner all over my desk and it wasn’t because I was drinking IRL.

Finally I came across a festival quest I had no issues with – horse racing! I manged to pick up a harvest pony on my second attempt. They’re still pricey but so pretty that I just had to have one. After there was time for a skirmish (or two) and my little hobbit Minstrel managed to ding level 35! I’m pretty pleased with my progress in game lately, and even happier to see so many other players around. Obviously (so far) free to play has agreed with this game.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Cameron says:

    I want to do all of the quests for the Haunted Burrows, but for some reason I keep forgetting where the entrance is :P I tried the drinking games as well, but its kinda hard to get all the drinks you need within the time limit when there are twenty other people spam clicking the drinks. What server do you play on?

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