Lets Play Some Guild Wars

More Halloween fun! Since everyone seems to be peeking into Guild Wars I decided to spend a little time there myself. It’s always been one of those ‘I wish I played it more’ games, I’ve owned Prophecies for two years and never meandered very far (also came with Eye of the North). I decided to pick up Faction, as well as Nightfall, and continue on with my Mesmer/Ranger who had just finished the ‘everything is happy’ section of her adventures and delved into the ‘Ack Charr everywhere’ portion. One thing I really enjoy about Guild Wars is that the ‘level’ game is basically non existent. Silhouette Reveur (as my character is called) sits at level 9 (after my adventures today) and it doesn’t really mean anything. There is no mad rush for me to get anywhere, and I’m not waiting for the game to begin.

I did have quite the adventure. I had to make it to Lion’s Arch to visit a costume NPC so that I could sport my new Halloween costume (pictured above). Of course I was no where near there, in fact I’m pretty sure I was as far away as I could possibly be, over in Ascalon. I teamed up with Ninga Turtle – a friend of mine who was playing his 20 Ranger/Monk character. We grabbed a few henchmen (Ok, he grabbed them because I don’t think I can yet, or at least I have no idea how) and off we went by foot. It took a few hours and many failed attempts (we didn’t have henchmen at the start) but eventually we made it to Lion’s Arch which is all decorated for the Holiday. Spending the evening in game this way fed into my explorer itch very well, and I even got a level out of it (not to mention a lot of gear and craft supplies). Since there’s no subscription fee for Guild Wars I never feel ‘obligated’ to play – but with Guild Wars 2 on the (eventual) way maybe I’ll find more time to explore this version.

Anyone else meandering their way through and exploring? Feel free to add me to friends if you’d like.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Yogi says:

    Ill add you today. Add Rawks T, thats me :D Was reading some of your earlier GW posts. Anyone can add henchman, its heroes you have to earn by doing the beginning of NF campaign (first 3 or 4 depending on how far you play in.) Henchmen can be added via the search option from your party window or selecting them in an outpost/mission/town. You probably figured this out a long time ago but I figured Id explain it just in case. Hope you enjoy the journey, prophecies is a great story.

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