Adventures in Gridania

I played some of the Final Fantasy XIV beta – but I didn’t get very far. I liked the look of the game, and when Square Enix decided to offer 60 days instead of the regular 30 day trial, I figured why not pick it up. The game plays unlike any of my ‘typical’ MMOs and I can see how that would scare (and annoy) some players. You really have to slow down your pace and enjoy the game for what it is, instead of trying to rush off and grind to the top of the food chain.

I first created (after dealing with an incredibly complicated registration process) A Miqo’te Thaumaturge. I quickly discovered that spells were probably not going to be my forte, and I got lost and frustrated, so I gave up. I deleted and recreated as a Moqo’te Archer. This time around things went much better. I managed to make it to the first camp located just south of Gridania and even completed my first quest which was to smush some mushrooms. I got to invoke a neat little card to help me do the battle, and selected solo for the quest itself. Once that was done it was back to Gridania to see about this “woodsin” I had acquired from the mean nasty tree that chased me in the opening scenes. I had two options, head to Fen-Yll the Leatherworkers guild and see if I could sell them some little piece of tree I had procured – or head to Stillglade Fen, and talk to some people there  who may be able to remove the woodsin. I went to the leatherworkers guild first – who were so kind as to tell me that they felt bad about buying an item that the tree hadn’t really given to me in good faith, and that I could probably get more if I tried to sell it elsewhere.

Alright then.

I still haven’t ventured very far, or attempted crafting yet – but I am exploring a lot and as long as I keep a nice slow pace it doesn’t frustrate me. I have to keep reminding myself that not all games play the same, and while a lot of people may not “approve” of this particular game, so far, I’m at least having fun.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

3 Responses to Adventures in Gridania

  1. warhammermer says:

    I can see you really liking the crafting and harvesting in this game. If you have not found out already you can do all the classes on one character just by picking up the tools (though I imagine the stats wont suit them all, but i have not had problems with that yet).

    So your archer can harvest and craft. And you mage could have just bought a bow.

  2. Amunoth says:

    I fondly remember my time spent in FFXI, which from what I hear is very similar to XIV. I won’t buy it for full price without playing it though, due to the negative reviews it’s gotten. Hopefully they come out with a trial eventually.

  3. Scopique says:

    Indeed! It’s about the jouney in this one, not the destination.

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