A Crafting Adventure #LotRO

I really enjoy crafting, in pretty much any MMO (and real life, for that matter). I enjoy how complex the crafting is in games like Vanguard and how simple it is in games like World of Warcraft. I enjoy being able to step away from the game while I craft, unlike games like EQ2. When it comes to the Lord of the Rings Online I have a love/hate relationship with crafting – in specific the mastery system. On one hand, it’s fantastic. Once you have leveled through a tier you have an option to master it. This basically involves leveling through it again but you need more combines (points) to do so the second time around. You also have a chance to get critical combines, which auto upgrades the item that you’re creating. You can up this chance through various means such as improved tools, scrolls, and dropped items.

The dislike comes from the amount of combines required to master something and in specific the lack of tin that I found while trying to master apprentice metalsmithing. See, my 35 Minstrel happens to be an Armourer. This means she can create not only metal gear and shields, but tailored. She also has the prospector harvest skill. I’ve reached artisan rank in each of these three arch types – however I never bothered to master anything as I leveled up (and of course you have to master things in order). I spent almost all of my in game time yesterday meandering through the bogs of the shire looking for tin. Lots of tin. I found approximately 1 tin node for every 6 copper nodes, and it took a long time to FINALLY master apprentice metalsmithing, but I did it.

I also managed to master apprentice jewelcrafting, and cooking (on alts). The purple items I created were very worth this endeavor, and I eagerly filled up my broker with items hoping for sales. It was a nice peaceful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and I really didn’t mind it that much. I am looking forward to mastering the rest of the tiers, so I can make myself some pretty purple (or even blue) named gear in the future.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

4 Responses to A Crafting Adventure #LotRO

  1. Dril says:

    Looks very nice compared to the too-thin normal horses. I wonder if we can buy it when F2P reaches Europa.

  2. stargrace says:

    @Dril It’s the fall harvest horse from racing! One of two choices. I picked the gray one.

  3. Dril says:

    What horse is that in the pic?!?

  4. Cameron says:

    Grats on the mastering!

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