Housing Discoveries and Lazy Elves #LotRO

Posted above is a screen shot of a painting in my home. I purchased the smallest house a few weeks ago, and am patiently (ok not so patiently) saving up for the delux. I’m a little over half way there. With the Halloween events going on I’ve been having a lot of fun, not only running quests and collecting festive tokens but making my way through the haunted house daily to collect the rare chest contents. I’m really after the skeletal mount, but I do manage to get furniture or cosmetic gear every now and again. It’s the same items that can be purchased for festival tokens, but this is free, leaving me to spend my tokens on other items.

I discovered something unusual yesterday that I had never noticed before. There are two paintings sold by the festival vendors, and each has the word “watchful” in the title. I never paid this much heed until I was showing off my little home yesterday and noticed that the EYES of the paintings will follow you around if you bounce and jump close to it. This seemingly simple idea entertained me for a good portion of my evening, and I squeeled and yelped with delight (irl, at that).

Then I made my second discovery. If you /sit while standing on a chair (at lest the chair in my home works this way) you will actually SIT on the chair. A different pose then the one when you decide to sit on the floor. Another roleplay aspect to the game that I adore (as if there was not already a lot to love about this game). That was the later part of my evening, sitting on chairs and bouncing around in front of paintings. Honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

P.S. As I am on Epic Vol 1. book 4 chapter 5 I have come to the conclusion that elves, especially Lord Glorfindel are incredibly lazy. Sure, I will make my way to your beautiful city, I will bring you an elf stone. I will take that stone to the Ford of Bruinen (any idea how FAR that is for a hobbit?) then I shall return it to you. Then I will go seek out your friend in the little camp that I JUST CAME FROM, bringing this stone. He will then send me to some not-so-friendly caves in the middle of the Trollshaws (key word here, TROLLS) and after I run around testing the stone like a candle (seriously?) I will run back to him – stone intact, only to be told to go visit this other friend of his. Bloody elves.

5 Responses to Housing Discoveries and Lazy Elves #LotRO

  1. stargrace says:

    @shawn – I play on Landroval currently :)

    @Azz – Myself and a 36 guardian would love to join an active Kin! I’ll look into the one you suggested! Thank you.

  2. shawnshekari says:

    What server are you on SG?

    Also it wasn’t obvious (to me) what server Secret Fire kinship was on either.

    I’m on Nimrodel

  3. Azz says:

    Yeah, I really don’t like the elves, not because of this reason, but it definitely doesn’t help.

    Oh, and if you like a kin with a more active base, check out http://www.secretfireonline.com. Then you can hang out more with the rest of us crazies. And by crazies I’m referring to the two previous poster above me. ;D

  4. Blue Kae says:

    Of course elves are lazy, that’s why they live so long.

  5. Scopique says:

    When doing that book run, they should grant you a new title for it’s completion: Out For Delivery

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