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Yesterday after much debate with myself, I decided I did in fact want a fourth alt to pick up the Historian branch of crafting, granting me a scholar. Until now I’ve been selling all of my scholar supplies on the auction, to fund my “saving up for a deluxe house” goal. There is a large combination of crafting types that players can choose from, but with four alts this gives me access to every craft available. I have an Armourer (prospector, metalsmith, tailor), Tinker (jeweler, prospector, cook), Woodsman (woodworker, forester, farmer), and Historian (scholar, farmer, weaponsmith). With the new alt came all of the fun that I typically have. I created a human (my first) captain (also my first) and am now level 14 running around Bree-Lands with my herald. It’s a lot of fun doing quests I haven’t done before, exploring areas I haven’t been to, and learning a new class I’ve never played. Mean while my level 36 minstrel sits on the edge of the Ford of Bruinen, with Lord Glorfindel’s elf stone, shaking her fist and cursing the elves.

It’s a little bit of a pain to ship supplies between all of my characters – but – I do have the shared vault that I purchased when Mirkwood + adventure pack came out, so I haven’t had to pay any extra for those things and it makes passing items between characters MUCH easier. If I had to send them through the mail I doubt very highly I’d try to work all my crafters up. The way it’s set up is that my historian and woodsman send food items to my tinker, my woodsman processes pelts for my armourer, my armourer sends gems and precious stone to my tinker. It works out well for me – but I can certainly see how it would be a lot of money wasted if I were to mail the items between everyone.

I spent a good portion of last night playing Fable 3 and look forward to doing more of that today. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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