Level 40 and Beyond #LotRO

I have to admit, reaching level 40 was a little bit of a let down. I purchased one new skill and then set off for the skirmish vendors who sold me a handful of gear upgrades (my cheapest method of obtaining new gear) – and that was it. I had been looking forward to something more, I have no idea what it was but I didn’t feel satisfied. This weekend was spent avoiding NaNoWriMo and taking care of some real life things instead of delving too much in game. I did work on my crafting for a good portion of yesterday evening and I’ve finally almost mastered expert (T3). Then it’s on to artisan. Each tier you master requires more points to master the next one, I think I’m up to 720 so far and I’m not looking forward to the amount of supplies artisan is going to require. Thankfully crafting (and harvesting) is not difficult per say – and I had a nice relaxing time of it.

I’m also really enjoying the Misty Mountains which is where I’m questing now. I have a thing for snow capped zones (it’s already so close to Christmas, I’m so excited) so the zone itself appeals to me on very basic levels. What didn’t appeal to me was the group of players who decided to rush past me on their mounts to kill ahead of me including the mob I was after. Ah well, when situations like that occur I typically just think that they must need it a lot more then I do (because I wouldn’t be as rude as that) and I let them have it. I don’t mind waiting for it to respawn.

I’m looking forward to delving into more content, and maybe even eventually reaching Moria and beyond. We’ll just have to see how it goes!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Blue Kae says:

    I’ll second Sharon’s suggestion. The Misty Mountains are a great zone if you love mountains and snow, Forochel is a really gorgeous wide-open tundra space.

  2. Dril says:

    I normally love snowy zones as well, but in LOTRO I find them extremely annoying. Why? Because I don’t lave footprints. I know it’s not a big thing, but, really, if my horse is trundling along across the merry frozen wasteland it should at least leave some indent in the snow.

  3. Sharon says:

    Grats on 40! If you like Misty Mountains, I recommend heading to Forochel in another few levels. I love snowy zones also, but I originally spent more time in Angmar than in Misty Mountains. I didn’t get a quest to go to Forochel until I was well into my 50s and working on the second half of Volume I. Then I was kicking myself for not going sooner, because the zone is gorgeous. I definitely plan on heading there around 43 on my next character, so I can do it at the proper level.

  4. Ardwulf says:

    Yeah, grats on 40! I just hit 32 myself, and am wandering about the North Downs, but I never seem to catch you in-game. :(


    I’m not sure why I’m upset, but I am! You out-leveled me! You…you…


    Congrats on 40!

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