An Evening Working Factions #LotRO

I finally mastered expert tailoring and metalsmithing. I’m caught up (some what) with my crafting now, working on the first round of artisan (T4) before also attempting to master that. Prospecting is going well and I’m on T5, harvesting being far easier to work up (or so it seems to me at least). I’m just a little bit away from level 41, and instead of making any real progress on the epic ‘book’ chain I decided it was time Toargo and I worked on clearing out some of those older quests from our journal. We headed back to the Trollshaws and even though we may not have gotten a lot of experience or upgraded gear we did get a lot of faction and coin from completing those quests. Faction (as I am learning) is quite important in LotRO. Problem is I’ve been out leveling my quests and haven’t been working on faction in a very dedicated manor, so while I am Ally with a few, I’m not Kindred with anyone. In fact knowing me, the first people I’ll become kindred with will be my tailors guild, hehe.

Those creatures pictured above are my new favorite things. I just LOVE the colours – I want one for a pet.

My apologies again for a lack of substantial posts this month, but with real life and NaNoWriMo taking up 99% of my days there’s not a whole lot I can do about it quite yet. Safe travels, no matter where you find yourself!

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