November Winds of Change #LotRO

November brings a lot of changes. Not only do clocks go back, winter rushes in, and I of course pick up yet another cold – but in LotRO there are alos a lot of really neat changes being implemented. I’m pretty dang excited.

The barter wallet – It’s still in the early stages, but much like EQ2’s currency window that was added last month, this will store all types of skirmish marks and anniversary tokens. There is also word of it expanding to all barter items in the future, but for now I’m happy that I’ll be able to free up some much needed inventory space.

Crafting changes – While personally I’m not pleased (nor will I be taking advantage of) the fact that you can buy your way through craft experience via the LotRO store I AM excited about the other changes. The entire crafting window has been re-designed, allowing you to view recipes on the left and the craft window on the right. The changes to the store include not only xp but crafting ingredients. This may sound like a horrible idea especially if you don’t have the money to spend on turbine points – but for me personally, I’ve just stopped being preoccupied with what everyone ELSE is doing. If I don’t want to purchase my way to end game and would rather earn it, then that is how I’ll do things and I’ll take pride in that. How everyone else decides to level up has no baring on me and my play style. More power to them. Farming is also changing. You’ll gain back a whole lot of inventory space (woohoo) and it’s been simplified. Seed count has gone down, among other things.

Class consumables – Unlike food, tokens, and potions these will be exactly as they sound, consumables that give bonuses specific to your class. They are both crafted and available in the store. It should be noted that while you CAN purchase items in the store, the crafted version is almost always better. You’re not forced to use the store.

New Dyes – Scholar made, there are 10 new dyes for cosmetics being added.

New Mounts – These are new reputation and meta-reputation mounts being added, and they’re REALLY nice looking. Since earning reputation is such a big deal in LotRO, I’m really looking forward to these.

There are other changes happening but those are the basics. My Minstrel reached 41 last night and spent a good deal of time working on older (ie: faction) quests and working on mastering expert tailoring / metalsmithing (which I completed). The important part is I’m really having a blast in game, and I’m excited about future levels. Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Blue Kae says:

    I don’t really care too much about the new crafting changes, with one exception. Having three different buttons for the store seems excessive to me. I’d love to have an option to turn those off, along with the popup that occurs anytime I do something that earns points. All of the store buttons and messages immediately yank me out of any immersion I’m feeling.

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