From Mystic to Defiler #EQ2

I remember exactly when I decided to betray my (back then) defiler to a mystic (lets not count the fact that this character was already a mystic way back when at creation. I don’t remember the first time I betrayed, or why). It was when epic weapons came out, and I was reading the requirements for mystic vs. defiler. I decided right then and there that I had no interest in doing the defiler epic weapon quest, and I betrayed to mystic. That was quite some time ago so of course me being who I am it only made sense to betray BACK to defiler!

That’s what happens in the fall when I’m looking for something to draw me back to any MMO. I look for something ‘new’ to do (even if it’s not really new) something that can entice me to play and convince me to keep at it. When I betray in EQ2 my class becomes ‘fresh’ again if that makes sense. My mystic was fully mastered, and with the new changes to the betrayal system I’m not too concerned about that. If I chose to go BACK to mystic, my master spells will all be there waiting for me. Of course I haven’t tested this change yet, but that’s ok I’m sure I will sooner or later.

It took me about an hour and a half to work faction in Darklight Woods enough for Neriak to trust me and not want to lop off my head if I zoned in. Then it was just a matter of leading a zombie to the commonlands, kidnapping a child, and killing some vagabonds and courtesans to prove that I am really evil when it comes right down to it. Since I already had my mystic mythical it was as simple as me heading to Nektulos forest and spending a few plat in order to purchase my defiler epic weapon and spells. I use it for appearance only since I’ve gotten better weapons since then.

A guild mate (thank you Youbestopped!) created my 29 spells at expert level after I shelled out approx 200 plat on rares and ta da, I’m all set to go as a defiler. Oh, and a thank you to Pennie who crafted me three pieces of gear to replace the mystic only items I was sporting. They were level 80 and probably needed to be replaced anyhow.

Yesterday was the first day I’ve really gotten ‘back’ into EQ2 for quite some time, and it felt good. I ended up purchasing 40 mounts and obtained the ‘beastmaster’ title that comes with the achievement, as well as completing 1,000 quests and 200 collection quests for their respective achievements. I’d say that this almost feels like my main, but I know that would only jinx me. Woops, too late.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Congrats on your betrayal and all that. I have a mystic and a defiler both, so no need for me to betray. Well, except the defiler’s a high elf that I betrayed from mystic, and the mystic is a Sarnak that I betrayed from defiler, but you get the idea.

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