Gears of Klak’Anon PvP #EQ2

Here’s the problem with adding pvp to a game that’s (mostly) centered around pve. No matter how hard you try, you’re going to create some unbalance. Yesterday I took my 39 and set out to complete a number of battlegrounds. I always queue for the first one available, and I was eager to earn enough tokens to purchase a new piece of gear or two. After running a handful of zones I decided that I work far better trying to AVOID the onslaught of opposing players then I do being smack dab in the middle of the action. I decided to betray the 39 assassin to a ranger. By that time I had already purchased the pvp dagger and was regretting not picking the bow – but in the end that worked out alright.

See, when you’re trying to AVOID the opposite team, distance is everything. Keeping them away from you, in other words. I picked up Longarm which happens to be a level 39 bow that drops in DFC (legendary) from the final named. The range on this bow (unlike any other bow of its level) is 50 meters. Add the ranger aa that grants you another 15m, and you’re able to pick off players from an astounding distance away.

My foes? Those scouts who fight in close proximity (you know who I’m talking about, assassins), enchanters (breaking my own mez is difficult to do if I’m not getting hit) and those fighters who like to come up behind me and kick me off of whatever platform I happen to be standing on.

The down side? There are a billion and 11 rangers currently in battlegrounds at any one time. I had one group for Gears of Klak’anon that was composed of four rangers a bard and a summoner. Yes, I’m just another one of those flavour of the month characters but it’s quite fun. I’m not sure why but things are MUCH easier to hit with the ranger then they are with my necromancer. I have a 39 necromancer who has far more aa, better gear, and better spells (fully mastered) where as the ranger was missing a few slots (charms, and an earring) and is still sporting three expert spells. On the necromancer all I’d get is resist after resist, on the ranger I can actually see myself, you know, HITTING the players.

Gears is my least favorite battleground. It’s 6 vs. 6 in a very small room with a gear in the center on the floor that can be collected, and ramps over head, as well as some crates and lifts for players to duck behind and jump on to. The object of the game is to maintain possession of the gear, the longer you hold it the more points you earn. First team to 700 points wins. It’s a popular BG because it’s quick, and whether you win or lose you’ll go home earning yourself at least 1 token.

Some easy tips for when you’re getting started:

– Know your role. Groups that just randomly knock down whatever is in their way have a much harder time winning then the group that goes in knowing what their job is. Healers are to protect whomever has the gear and keep themselves alive (I always feel bad for healers, they’re the first targets in a well played BG). If you’re a tank, taunt, taunt, taunt and don’t ever stop taunting. That guy who is targeting your healer? Taunt him to attack you. That ranger in the rafters picking off your players? Taunt them. If you’re a ranged player try to do just that, stay out of sight and keep ranged. Pick off the healer first, and then go for the rest of the team. I always enjoy distracting the opposite team, if a member is concentrating on killing you it means that they’re not killing your healer, or whomever has the gear. The more people chasing you around in circles, the better.

– Don’t be afraid to open voice chat in group and plan out your next move. Don’t be afraid to talk in group! Unless you’re entering with a pre-made group chances are you’ve never seen these players before and communication is always key.

– Don’t be afraid to lose. Some times it doesn’t matter how good of a player you are, your team gets pitted against the uber of the uber and no amount of good game play can over come that. Just keep trying to get as many kills as you can and hope for a lucky break.

– Show up prepared! Just like you would for any raid, the better geared and prepared you are, the better your chances are at surviving. This means potions, proper gear, spells, etc.

Have fun! One of the more interesting aspects of BG play is that the person who you just spent 10 minutes killing over and over again (or who may have been targeting you, over and over again) may end up being on your team next round. It’s great to see that there are no hard feelings (that I have seen at least) and people are really “all for the team” when it comes to playing. I’m not sure if the level 90 battlegrounds give off the same feeling, but so far it’s been pretty fun.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Niall says:

    If you use field point arrows you will get an additional +5 meters range, and there is an end-line AA for Rangers that adds an additional +15 meters to range.


    If I am not mistaken, ranged distance caps out at 50 meters. Also, Rangers don’t get fettering poisons until level 40. Get the BG bow as your next acquisition. Longarm is the next best thing, but the things I listed above more or less diminish it’s range advantage. With those modifications you will still be at 50 meter range with the BG bow.

    “I only need to know three things: The speed of the wind, the speed of my target, and the speed of my arrow.”

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