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It comes as a surprise (at least to me) that I’ve never managed to reach 250 aa (alternate advancement) on any one of my characters. The reason behind this is quite simple, I have 12 characters and I’m constantly switching between them all instead of focusing. Not to mention that 7 month break I just took. I’ve settled on a main (more or less), my defiler. She is currently sitting at 228 aa, and I’ve taken it upon myself to finally max that out. My reasoning is simple – when the next expansion comes in February I don’t want to still be working towards this expansions current cap.

While I technically could simple grind out these points via combat experience transferred into aa, I’ve decided I’d rather quest my way there and work on a few achievements at the same time. I’m attempting to complete the quest achievements for all of the shattered lands zones. Pictured above is Ellithia (the defiler on Oasis) hanging out in Antonica while I try to contemplate the prospect of doing 50 quests within the zone. I didn’t even know Antonica HAD 50 quests.

That’s the problem with the older zones. While Darklight woods, Halas, and Greater Faydark are all teaming with quests and reaching their objectives is quite easy, Antonica and Commonlands haven’t been revamped in quite some time. The quest rewards are sub par, and knowing where to go to even get quests can be a hassle.

Still, there must be at least 50 quests for me to do, or else it wouldn’t be an achievement, right? I’m looking forward to the challenge. I find it slightly amusing that I need 50 quests in Antonica where quests are sparse, but I only needed 10 quests in the Overrealm (TT, Barren Sky, Bone Mire) which has recently received an influx of new quests. I also only need 20 quests in Everfrost which was revamped not too long ago. Ah well. Hopefully it doesn’t take me too long to complete them. We’ll just have to see.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Yeah, both Ant and CL have a gazillion quests, but the quest givers aren’t necessarily in the zone, but rather in those big cities nearby. . . . Other than that, I can think of the Crossroads in CL as being a hub, but can’t really think of any place in Ant that gives more than 2 or 3 quests. . .just that there are a lot of those places scattered about. Probably with the idea that in the early game having the quests spread out whould reduce lag and fighting for mobs whilst “everyone” was all clustered together in level. But since we’re 6 years in now….

    I really think Ant and CL could use a pass from the devs to “hub-ize” the quest givers. I doubt it will happen, though, since they’ve already got 4 well-hubbed starter zones, and as Arkenor points out, unless you put your AA slider to about 95% or higher at level 10 in any of those zones, you’re going to outlevel the content before you finish it all, so there’s really never a “need” for anyone following the Golden Path(tm) to ever really go to CL or Ant.

    to give you an idea of leveling speed even with setting the slider pretty high: I recently started (less than 2 weeks ago) a noob to see what kind of AA I could get him in the early days. I set his slider to 90% the second I hit level 10, and it slowed me down enough that I was starting to see orange and red mobs for quests I was doing in DLW toward the end. So I ran over to TD and ran through all of it, leveling enough that nothing was more than white or occasionally yellow by the time I finished that zone. Then I went back and finished DLW and was level 21 by then.

    I still have Frostfang Sea and Kelethin if I want to chrono-mentor to level 15 or so. Or do them gray would work too I suppose. I’ve done a little in Ant and CL, but only a few random quests here and there that I picked up whilst passing through and doing my harvesting cloak quest. I’m of level to begin BBM, TS, and Nek Forest as well, if I want, so….. yeah,. Tons of xp is out there, even in the low level zones.

  2. Arkenor says:

    Antonica has squillions of quests. Admittedly most people only have time for about 20 of them before they outlevel the zone, but they’re there.

    Give me a shout if you need a hand finding them. Maltheas spent about a year pootling about tier 2!

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