Creating Memories With Housing Items #EQ2

As I’ve been redesigning my Norrathian Museum one very strong thought has been persistent. These are not simply housing objects being placed. These are memories. EQ2 does something with their housing that I think some players take for granted. Sure, there are carpenter made items for every day pieces of furniture (chairs, tables, etc) but there are so many “nick nacks” that a player can obtain in game and for each one, a memory. Take the screen shot above for example. Each of the enchanted replicas is actually the boss to an instance in game. They are obtained from the daily chronomagic quest and there are around 32+ of these miniatures. Each instance (at least for me) holds a memory. There are the guild hall trophies that come from defeating raid encounters. There are the heritage quests that can be clicked and turned into a housing item. Those ones are even more unique because they hold the memories not just of your adventures in EQ2, but EQ if you happened to have obtained them there.

Each one of the artifacts that makes up my museum came from a special encounter in the game and for that reason alone I treasure my player house more than any other single piece of gear that I’ll eventually out level. I have worked harder collecting the items for it then anything else in game. It’s quite literally an entire history of my character laid out in housing items. 6 years of game time. Every lore and legend weapon, every book, every statue has a history attached to it.

That is what makes housing in EQ2 so special.

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