Singing of Sunflowers and Blue Drakes #WoW

Some times being unable to sleep has its advantages. Like logging into your game of choice and finishing off those things you never do when you’re typically playing. This was the case for me last night. I decided to queue up as DPS on my priest (my off spec) and while waiting to get in (it’s typically a 10-20 minute wait) I headed off to try and get my singing sunflower pet. A tribute to plants vs. zombies is set up where you can work your way through three increasingly difficult levels and earn yourself some xp, cash, and eventually a neat sunflower pet.

The first round was pretty easy. I’ve got pvz on my ipod and spent many hours combating the evil creatures so I at least knew the basics. The second round introduced some new plants and I didn’t have too many issues although I found it took too long to complete. The second last round was incredibly difficult for me BUT after making two rows of sunflowers right off the bat I had more than enough solar energy to drop as many pumpkin bombs (the win button this round) and other plants as I wanted. Eventually I beat the game and at the same time got into The Oculus (heroic mode).

Typically everyone leaves this instance for whatever reason when they join but personally, I love it. You get a chance at an extra reward at the end from the chest and the zone is pretty simple so long as you stick with your group. I’ve done the zone a lot on both my priest and warlock – this time would be different.

We completed the entire instance without issue and when it was my turn to loot from the chest I was given an extra reward.

The reins to a blue drake.

I had never even known that a blue drake was available in this zone, let alone had ever won it before. I was incredibly happy, being a collector of pets and mounts. Free mounts are the best types. By then it was 3am and I was more than ready to crawl into bed, so I haven’t gotten to see how awesome my priest looks on her new pretty, but I was excited none the less. All in all? A pretty productive late night (early morning) gaming session.

Safe travels and happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Lars says:

    Hey, that’s pretty clever. I’ll have to find that in game. Been mostly playing the different classes to get a feel for what I want to level. Haven’t figured out what server I want to play on either. What’s a good “Antonia Bayle”-like server in WoW?

    Anyway, I like the idea of having little mini-games like this in the game.

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