Defiant Outpost Attacked #Riftgame

Wandering around Rift, I happened to stumble into an Outpost that was being attacked. The NPC’s (and players of course) joined in to take down the foes who were (I believe) after the Crystals that are located there. I helped defeat them after running away like a chicken at first. I didn’t want to get squished. I did get a fair number of goodies for participating in the battle and then wandered on my way to the next quest hub.


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  1. Bronte says:

    Interesting, so they have replaced the looting mechanism with a “here is your quest rewards in a bundle” mechanism. Do you feel it actually saves us time/is useful? Or something that breaks immersion or nullifies other in-game systems?

    Sorry for the interrogation, I am not in the beta, but this title has titillated my gaming-dar, if that makes ANY sense.

  2. stargrace says:

    @Bronte – Neither npc nor looting to obtain the items. You actually get an icon at the top right of your screen (much like WAR’s public quest chest) that you click and tells you that you’ve completed an event, and you loot from there. In my case so far I’ve gotten a few valuable crafting pieces and some vendor fodder but I’ve only done two very low level events.

  3. Bronte says:

    What kind of goodies? And how do you get them? An NPC gives them to you for helping or from the bodies of fallen foes?

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