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It’s almost impossible for me to play just one game – there are far too many choices out there, and I’d be out of a job. What if you were forced (that’s right, gunpoint baby) to pick just one game to stick with for the rest of your life (or the life of the game). What would your choice be? Would it be the game you’re dedicated to now or would you venture down a completely different avenue? What process would you have to go through to decide what this game of choice should be?

Personally if today someone told me I could only play one game, it would be EVE Online. We’re talking MMO’s here, other wise I’d have to go with Sims 3 because it’s given me the most replay ability out of every game I own. Anyhow, if I had to pick a single MMO to stick with, it would have to be EVE. My reasoning is quite simple.

  • There are no “levels” so I wouldn’t have to keep starting an alt once I maxed out and grew bored of current content
  • You could train skills for years and years and still never finish them all
  • There is an incredibly robust craft system (even more so now that PI is firmly in place)
  • There is PvP for when I have those urges (don’t let the sweet exterior fool you, I enjoy a good round of pew-pew every so often)
  • I have a choice in what I want to do, between PvP, PvE questing, exploring, crafting, security, etc.

Those are my top 5 reasons. I’m sure I could make up more if I wanted to. What are your top choices of games if you were forced to only play one? Also – if you DO only play one MMO which one is it (and wow, kudos to you for sticking with just one). One at a time is something all together different, I mean one MMO *ever* for this particular article.

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  1. Dril says:

    I could never get into EVE; I’ve done the trial close to if not seven times now, and every single time I just look at what I’m doing and think: a) this is incredibly lifeless, b) this is incredibly dull and c) THIS is a workable UI?

    It’d have be either WoW or Rift. WoW…well, I’m not sure. I love the game, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, but the implementation of community features is awful and just encourages everything to be about X/per hour, not about playing. I could still play it and enjoy it, but not for much longer, I don’t think.

    Rift, I’ll have to see about. It’s great, but I’m unsure as to what direction they take with the whole cross-server thing. If they implement it for dungeons I’m gone, and, sadly, Trion already have it for PvP; coupled with the moronic advice from the ever-intelligent Rift beta forums: don’t use the LFD tool, just go with your friends/guild (fucking brilliant, and what if you have neither if you’re on a new server or, indeed, a new game?) It’s a good game, but the community and endgame prospects we’ll have to see about.

  2. pkudude99 says:

    Of the MMO’s currently out there right now, I’m playing both EQ2 and EVE… except I’m on a sort of EVE hiatus right now and probably for another month yet. EVE’s one of those that I’m either “all in” or “just training skills.” And it burns me out to be “all in” on it after a month or 2, even though I keep my sub active in between so that I can still keep training.

    As a result, much as I love EVE… I’d still say EQ2 would be my “one game” if I could only play one.

    Check back with me again after SWTOR and Rifts are out, though. . . .

  3. Niall says:

    Probably a resurrected Dark and Light (done right this time), or maybe Daggerfall if they ever made it into an MMORPG

  4. hudson says:

    Aww man i dont play mmo’s anymore so i vote DIABLO 3

  5. Rebecca says:

    I would have said Everquest 2, hands down, but now with the Station Cash vampire race fiasco and the fact that it is growing and spreading like a fungus, I wouldn’t ultimately want to be stuck in an MMO where over-expensive SC would become more and more of a necessity for basic gameplay as the game progresses.

    So, it would either be something like WoW, where you can still get the entire game as part of your subscription price, or like Guild Wars, where you pay once for the game and that’s it. The only thing that makes me shy away from choosing these games is the lack of player housing and complex crafting systems (for said housing). I like lots of “fluff” in my games.

    I’d definitely need to do research into other games that are out there, including upcoming games.

    Maybe I would decide to just give up MMO’s altogether and stick with Sims or Elder Scrolls. Being able to mod a game adds so much more to it’s lifetime.

  6. Scopique says:

    That is a very, very difficult question to answer for me, mainly because I generally quit out of boredom and move on to the next shiny game in the hope that it’s got a better hook then the last one.

    Right NOW — and I cringe to say so — it would be WoW, mainly because several of my local friends are playing and have been playing for years. They know the game, and can help me out. In that regard, it’s like Minesweeper: frustration is fleeting, and progression is assured.

    I wish I could say EVE, but EVE both appeals to me and disgusts me by turns. I like the idea of vast freedom, but that same freedom brings out the absolute most abhorrent behavior in some people; I’ll accept actions within the confines of the game, but when people start being meta-game d-bags, it’s gone too far.

    I’d really like to go back to Fallen Earth, but I’d need a stable base of other players there, I think, to really enjoy it to it’s full potential.

  7. rowan says:

    I have shied away from EVE precisely because it seems so all consuming. But your tale of no level cap is intriguing. I might consider that of I had to choose only one MMO to play for the rest my life. To answer your question, I would need to do more research before choosing. My total MMO experience is woefully lacking. I would prefer a fantasy setting to SciFi, though.

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