Finally Flying #EVEOnline

I’ve been wanting to fly an Orca for a very long time now. This came with two hurdles to cross, number one I had to be able to train and afford the skills to fly it. Number two I had to be able to purchase one of these massive ships which sell for roughly 450,000,000 ISK give or take. It wasn’t really worth while for me to try to invent and build one myself, so I decided to go the “saving up” rout. Thanks to some help from Ethomas in corp, I was able to afford one yesterday – AND fly one.

This ship is amazing. I have to admit, she is now my ultimate favorite. First of all the ship comes with a lot of fleet bonuses. Mining bonuses. Good thing I started up that 2nd account again eh? Now I can box my mining runs. The room that this ship has is astounding, and the bonuses to cargo just make it even better. It comes with 31,000m3 of room in the default cargo hold, which I brought to 40,000m3 by adding one cargo expander. There is also an ore hangar, which carries 50,000m3 of ore. A corp hangar can be found on the ship with another 40,000m3 area. There’s also a maintenance bay with 400,000m3. That’s right, need a place to dock? We can do that.

I haven’t done much but hang around HQ asteroid belts so far with my little retriever working hard not too far away, but I am planning on scanning down some sites later today with the helios and getting more use out of her. Ethomas is also working his way towards a hulk so we’ll have a few more taking advantage of her fleet bonuses.

I named her Asteria, after an amazon. The name means “in the sky” which I thought was quite fitting. I’m actually planning a few roleplay posts centered around obtaining this ship so look for those in the future. For the people who follow me on twitter and who have heard nothing over the last two days except me go on and on about this ship – I apologize, hehe. It’s just one of those grand moments in MMO gaming that we all wait excitedly for. Where we accomplish some major goal, take down a massive encounter, or something else on our personal agendas.

I hope everyone has a very happy (and safe) new years – happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

3 Responses to Finally Flying #EVEOnline

  1. Akely says:

    Congratulations and WELL DONE!

  2. pkudude99 says:

    Congrats on your big milestone!

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