Finishing What You’ve Started #Gaming #DragonAge #Fable3

It never fails, the holidays come around and Steam goes and has a massive sale which empties your wallet and fills up your hard drive. This year I managed to resist most of the sales, only picking up Neverwinter Nights 2. Which I still haven’t downloaded, yet.

I have a gaming resolution for this year though. No more will I make purchase after purchase, never finishing my games. I’ve never really been a big console or single player RPG gamer to begin with but I think this year that will change. First on my agenda was Fable 3, for the XBox 360 (Feel free to add my gamer ID by the way, you can find me as Stargrace05). I had played a lot of Fable 3 previously and knew I must be some what close to the end. I won’t be giving any spoilers away but I’m glad that I managed to finish a game. It’s actually the first game I ever finished hence the reason for this post.

Next on my agenda is Dragon Age. I bought this back in March and played a few times before my PC got a complete overhaul which required me to reinstall and start over. I’m not very far into the game so far and I also have awakening to play through but I’m looking forward to it. The game is fun and the story intriguing.

Other games that are sitting on my computer that I’ve never finished (and barely played at all) include King’s Bounty (both The Legend and the Armored Princess), Neverwinter Nights 2, Gothic II and 3 (which I am not sure I’ll actually ever play, that was a random purchase that looked neat at the time but now I’m thinking WHY?!), Portal, and Torchlight. There are a few other games that I wanted to pick up but haven’t yet. It’s hard to justify spending more money on games when I have those to play through and a lot of great games releasing in the future (especially MMOs) that always take up a lot of my time. I also have the entire Sims 3 collection but I don’t really count that as requiring me to “finish” it because it’s more MMO-esc that way, there’s no clear end to it. I do feel that I’ve put in more than enough hours of entertainment to justify the cost though which you can see over at Raptr. It categorizes all the Sims 3 expansions separately, but they’re all there.

Whether or not I’ll actually stick with this resolution I have no idea. Knowing me I won’t finish another game until next year, but hey, at least I got one down!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. Olphas says:

    The only genre where I tend to pick games up and leave them unfinished is Real Time Strategy. I find the concept intriguing, but I always seem to forget just how BAD I am at these games.
    The Gothic games … I myself love them. But the strange thing is, that this is a german phenomenon. It is, or better was, THE german RPG-series. Many of us really love it, despite all its bugs and other shortcomings, but the games never appealed to many players outside Germany.
    Arcania – Gothic 4, the new title in this series, was not made by Piranha Bytes, who did the first three games (and Risen, which is basically Gothic) and Jowood/Spellbound wanted to make it more appealing to international players. So now we have a game that got better ratings in US reviews than in Germany and all the old Gothic-Followers HATE this thing, myself included.

  2. Pip says:

    I completely understand the Gothic 1+2 thing. I have a Steam and Gog catalogue full of unplayed games simply because they were cheap at the time. They really do see me coming.

  3. Brad says:

    You haven’t played through Portal yet? I’m not sure we can remain friends until that is rectified…especially since it’ll more than likely take you less than 2 hours to complete.

    I tend to play one game through to the end and then move onto something else, with single player games anyway…injecting some multiplayer in there randomly. Never been huge on MMO’s (keep getting really bored after 2-3 months…not to mention I’m broke, so most of the “good” ones are an unnecessary expense…).

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