Tail, in the Desert

Thanks to a suggestion from both Tipa and Peter, I downloaded “A Tale in the Desert” to take part in some adventuring that did not involve slaughtering innocent creatures. Here is a little video of me doing the tutorial.

If you haven’t played this game yet, maybe give it a try. It’s pretty fun!



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  1. I vote Map for best actress in a starring role. :)

  2. Odius

    I loved Tale in the Desert 2 when I played it, but I stopped there. Wait until you get to the point where crafting something takes hours. I remember watching whole movies while waiting for a spool of copper wire to finish crafting. It is definitely enjoyable though for people who like to craft.

  3. I vaguely remember hearing about this game. Is it an mmorpg or single player? The desert scenery looks really nice. (I love deserts!)

  4. I played a tale in the desert 3, and although i found it pleasant, just couldn’t get into it. repetition, travel, crafting, just took too long, with little benefit. seems weird to compare it to minecraft, but now that i think about it they’re not that different. minecraft though makes things less of an endurance challenge to make large things.

  5. Lol, the water is too deep! Great video even though it lacks nasty things to kill and no fluffy bunnies. Seems more like an advanced Minecraft. Idk, I watch a 10 minute video and I’m the expert on the game. An hour and I could write the Wiki on it :)

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