Lets Make Straw, and Bricks #atitd

Continuing my adventures in ‘A Tale in the Desert’ I finished off the tutorial and then learned that I would have to become a citizen of Egypt. In order to do this I’m required to work on a long list of tasks and complete them all. I think I may be about half way done this list so far, give or take a few tasks. After I learned carpentry and built my wood plane and then built boards I had to learn how to create a brick rack (used for creating bricks). Then I gathered some sand, some mud, and some grass – and I turned that grass into straw by leaving it out to dry. When you click on your character you have a “drop” option, simply drop all the grass, watch it, and it dries into straw. Larger amounts of dropped grass take a longer time to dry. So far everything has been very quick.

After those tasks were done i set out making bricks, they used a combination of straw, mud, and sand. I haven’t learned what I’m to do with those bricks yet but I expect they’ll be a part of a later project.

My next goal was to head to the School of Art and Music and ask them for flax. They handed me 3 seeds and sent me on my way. I found a little area of land close to my other crafting tools and planted them (pictured above) and then weeded them. You have to actually pay attention during the process, or else you won’t see the weeds sprout up. Now I am off to the school of Art and Music to learn how to process this flax, and if my task list is any indication I’ll soon be letting this flax rot in water, and then taking it from the water. Why? I don’t have the faintest idea. Apparently this is some giant process leading towards greater things, but I haven’t bothered to scroll through the list of tasks to see where I eventually end up.

It’s a nice quiet way to spend some game time that doesn’t require me to pick up a weapon (per say) and I’m really enjoying it. Will these types of games ever be my main and only choice? No, probably not. I do appreciate having something different to play. Different in the goals and method of going about things. I still intend to give Wurm Online a try since I have been hearing a lot about it from Massively, if you’re playing or have played either of these games feel free to let me know what you thought in comments.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Flax is used to make linen cloth. The 1st step is to soak the flax in water to soften it. I would assume that this is what the game’s having you do. . . . .

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