A Video Tour of New Tunaria #EQ2 #EverQuest2

Everyone has their favorite ‘spot’ in a game. Whether it’s that house you spent hours decorating, that raid zone that you just can’t get enough of, or some other magical area that only you seem to know about. In every game I’ve played I’ve always managed to find a location or two that just seems to draw me in for whatever reason, and of course EQ2 is no different. Today I wanted to post about one of my favorite locations, New Tunaria (also called Felwithe). The zone released with Echoes of Faydwer and is located off of Greater Faydark. There are 6 quests located within the zone:

It is meant for players 55-70 and my coercers have spent many hours charming the vampires that roam at night and using them to defeat the elves. I even made a video about it which you can find on youtube on my channel (along with the rest of my gaming videos). What makes this zone so special to me? I’m not exactly sure. I’ve done some fantastic role playing with friends here which may be one of the major reasons. The art style really appeals to me, even if it does look slightly out of step with the rest of EverQuest 2. The music and tranquility of the zone, the peacefulness. It all speaks to me on a very personal level. Should I be surprised? No, not really.

If you’d like to see a video tour of a specific EQ2 zone, then don’t hesitate to let me know! As soon as I get my voice back I’ll start adding commentary to them as I film, for now you’ll just have to make due with the beautiful in-game music.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

5 Responses to A Video Tour of New Tunaria #EQ2 #EverQuest2

  1. Gazruney says:

    I really liked New Tunaria, in fact Faydwer was and still is my favorite EQ2 expansion. Do Loping Plains next!!. I love that one too, it reminds of me of black and white cheesy horror movies he he.

  2. Olphas says:

    New Tunaria is one of my favorite zones, too! It’s really beautiful.

  3. Bhagpuss says:

    Amazing how different people can be. New Tunaria is by some margin my most-disliked zone in the whole of EQ2, all expansions included. I disliked it intensely when it first appeared and none of the tweaks that have been applied since have improved it a jot. It’s always been widely-considered to be unfinished and not worth visiting for any practical purpose, but I also think it’s really unattractive visually as well. Of course, I can’t abide elves and strongly dislike elven architecture and aesthetics in almost every MMO, and I really disliked Felwithe in EQ1 too, so it was never going to score highly with me, even if they’d finished it :P

  4. pkudude99 says:

    Best looking zone in the game. Shame it’s still so unused, but it’s off the beaten path and only has a few quests in it. The raid zone that you enter there is pretty cool, but even with that, raiders were just running through to the entrance of the raid. Would love more zones that look like that!

  5. Alexandre Lobo says:

    One of my favorite zones as well!! I love elven architecture. :)
    Did you notice how it’s similar to Duillond in LoTRO?

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