Back on Antonia Bayle #EQ2

Never one to do things the easy way, it took me almost two weeks to finally have my character transferred over from Oasis to Antonia Bayle – but it finally happened. It wasn’t that long ago that I left AB along with my 300+ player written books and added her to the collection of characters I have over there. The server is great and the friends and guild I’m in are fantastic – there’s just one small problem. As much as I adore Oasis (and I do) the number of player-written books available is completely … tiny. My dreams of one day owning over 400 books (and maybe, dare I dream, 500+) slowly dwindled over the months until I decided it was time to move back home in order to pursue the library once more.

After my first night back I am at a wonderful 386 books in my collection. If you would like to donate a book you can find me in game as Stargrace (AB) or Arysh (Oasis). If you’d like to donate a book please feel free to mail me and I will send back coin in compensation, and if you require a blank book to write your tale than let me know and I will send you that as well. Everyone has their silly ‘dreams’ and ‘goals’ in game, and my museum is one that I’m quite proud of. I’ve probably spent more coin in game on player-written books then anything else.

I’m looking forward to getting involved in some role play events once more. Standing around in South Freeport I already happened into some which was quite neat. Some little Arasai hoping to become a body guard for a Tier’Dal. I don’t know the outcome of the event since I had to log for the evening, but last I heard she was being threatened with jail time for something or other. I always did like happening upon other peoples stories.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. Chris says:

    Well, that’s a good reason to come back. I’ve felt the same way myself. It’s really the people you play with who form the experience in a lot of cases. Well, glad to be reading about your time there again. Best of luck :-)

  2. stargrace says:

    @Chris – I’m still playing EQ2X, but to explain what’s up in a sentence – “Yeah, I’ve been playing EQ2. As much as some times I dislike the game an incredible amount I DO have some fantastic friends there too, and I miss them. This weekend was a reminder in why I enjoy gaming to begin with. Despite the love/hate relationship with game mechanics and policies friends is what it really comes down to.” (From a previous post)

    In other words, friends yanked me back in. :) I am pretty sure I’d put up with anything to be able to play with friends.

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Stargrace,

    I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t been able to follow blogs the way I usually would. What happened to the break from EQ2? Last I heard, you were taking part in the EQ2X server because of the money-grab that was the vampire race. There’s probably a post on this. Could you point me to it? I’m lost being behind the times :-)

    – Chris

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