Godking Weapons and other Musings #EQ2

I barely played the Rift beta this time around. The game releases (at least for pre-orders) in less then a month and I really didn’t want to get any more burnt out than I may already be feeling. I also feel that a lot of the changes lately tone down the ‘unique’ feeling that the game gave me in the first few  betas. That, coupled with the fact that the flood gates were let open for a server stress test and I simply wasn’t in the mood to deal with the masses meant that I spent most of my weekend wandering around more familiar paths.

Pictured above is my character in Maj’Dul (along with billy, her trusty doll) working with Ibeogur on the Godking (also known as the Peacock Club) quest chain. On this particular step I’m required to kill sweepers who each have a key belonging to one of the three factions, court, blades, and truth. After I’ve collected all three I do a little mini instance relating to them all before I can move on to the next step. I really love the quest chain and it was fun to mentor down and avoid the orcs in Maj’Dul as someone else was working on the Hand of Fate which changes the mobs you may encounter in the city.

The weekend was filled with much more then that though. Guild mates and I decided to run around Wailing Caverns and Fallen Gate on newly made characters, earning a handful of levels. I started up a new swashbuckler, named Jacquotte Delahaye. The phrase “back from the dead red” just struck me as too amusing not to use.

There was also a lot of instance running going on which was a refreshing change of pace compared to my usual slack. Guild mates and I ran through Erudian Research Halls (also ERH on Antonia Bayle, it seems like every server has their own short forms), Cella, Conservatory, and one more instance that I can’t recall at the moment.

An interesting thing happened with one of the members in group, a dirge. They rolled need on a dirge master that dropped – and then someone in group called them out for it and asked why they were rolling need, they’ve been mastered for months. The dirge admitted that they had the spell already, but that they always roll need on anything from their class. While I do not appreciate this concept at all – they also told the group that we could random 1000 for the master in question and he would give it up. I just wish it hadn’t of required someone else calling the player out in order for him to have this change of heart.

On that same note, while they were discussing the subject another party member mentioned that they always roll need on all shinies, whether or not they actually need them. Because they do need the coin from broker. I’ve been pretty strict in my ‘I only roll need if I need it’ intentions, and some times I won’t even roll need then. I don’t see this changing any time soon no matter how bad I may WANT the money that comes from winning an item. It just does not sit well with me morally for whatever reason.

I hope everyone else has had a fantastic weekend, no matter where you find yourself. I’m also downloading Magicka right now from Steam, looking forward to giving that a try. Happy gaming!

6 Responses to Godking Weapons and other Musings #EQ2

  1. Kitalya says:

    Wow, wondering if that shiney needer was also in a group with me the other day. As we were reviewing need/greed rules, he stated he always rolled “need” on shinies, regardless of whether or not he needed them, for the same reason: cash. We made it quite clear that the majority of the Antonia Bayle PUG community seems to consider “need” acceptable only on shinies if you actually need them for that particular character (based on the many PUGs I’ve joined on my various toons). I’m not sure where people seem to get the idea that hitting “need” for obvious “greed” reasons is okay..

    As for “class gear” and “class spells”, I (personally) only roll need if it’s an actual upgrade for me (or for an alt, after asking if it’s okay to roll for an alt). I don’t care how much I spent to buy the Master, I’m not going to roll “need” on it just to try and recoup my cost. That is, most definitely, a “greed” situation.

  2. Wiqd says:

    Rick brings up an interesting point. A few times in WoW I’ve been on an 80% guild run of an instance where someone needed something specific from the instance and just to raise the chance he got the item, everyone in the party who’s a part of our guild would roll need just in case the 5th guy who wasn’t in our guild rolled need as well. Then if one of us got the item we’d just give it to the person who needed it from the guild since you can trade the items for 2 hours after you get it to anyone who was there for the kill.

    Wrong? I dunno … but we’d go to an instance w/ a specific purpose and to help achieve that goal, we did what we thought necessary.

  3. Rick says:

    That little paragraph about the dirge harkens me back to a time when I first read about a need/greed situation on this website.


    People tend to defend their “need” roles but if the shoe is on the other foot, its always like “how dare they?”. Not faulting you, not saying its wrong. It is what it is in mmoland. There’s a right way to do things and a wrong way with a very fine line in some cases. What if the dirge was a guildmate and you guys all laughed about it. But what if the dirge was a pug pickup and again “how dare they?”. Or what if they said “oops, accidentally hit need, sorry”. What if the dirge had spent 100p on the master when it was new to them and this maybe the first time it dropped since. Perhaps they just want to recoup some value of what they spent on it. Maybe not. But in their mind, they are right and in your mind, they are wrong.
    Similarly with your swashbuckler incident, in your mind you were right and the bard who lost thought you were wrong.
    In my mind, both of the people who got the loot were in the wrong in how they handled it but thats me. It is what it is.

  4. Wiqd says:

    I usually base my rolls around what other people do, unless I really do need the item. If I’m running the group it’s a simple “roll need if you need / want it, pass if you don’t” type of deal. Otherwise, I wait for someone to roll and see if it’s need. If I know they’re doing it just to have it and don’t really need it, I’ll roll need too and usually the rest of the group will as well. If people roll greed, I’ll roll greed as well unless I really do need the item. I try to get that out of the way when we start the instance though so no one’s surprised later on.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Those people rolling “need” on items because they “need” the money have an extremely loose interpretation of the “need” roll. Who doesn’t need money? “Need” is supposed to be for those who can use the item right now, or at the very least in the next few levels provided there isn’t someone else of the same class who could use the item at that very moment.

    What do these people think the “greed” roll is actually for?

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