City Festivals, Leveling, and other Games #EQ2

Looking over the ruins in West Freeport (can you spot my trusty billy in the shot?) I wonder when they’ll finally rebuild. It’s been a really long time now and I think Lucan needs to hire better city workers if they can’t repair a simple building.

This week the Kelethin city festival is going on which I am quite excited about. They’ve added some new housing items to the festival and I’m eager to check out the doors available. Remember each city festival only happens twice a year so if you want to stock up on your favorite item now is the time.

These past two days I’ve been leveling a new swashbuckler. I have one on a second account but decided it would be nice to have on my main account. I’m currently level 73 I believe, thanks to the awesome leveling powers of Ibeogur, a guild mate (berserker). It also helps that I have 120% bonus due to other level 90 characters, and typically have an experience potion running. Of course once again the argument of ‘why are you rushing to the end!’ comes into play, but I actually have characters at all tiers, and some I quest with some I craft with and some I just want to do current content with. It simply depends on my mood. I also deleted a 90 dirge not that long ago, growing bored with her lack of progression. I may end up recreating, I haven’t decided quite yet.

What has everyone else been up to? Playing your game of choice? Holding off for something else to release? Personally I simply can not wait until Sims Medieval releases. I’ve been playing games from the Sims franchise for years now and I don’t expect this to be any different. Dragon Age 2 is also another big title I am waiting for, but I haven’t pre-ordered it yet. I think I will pick that one up at EBGames when it comes out. Then of course there’s rift at the end of this month – and oh what a slow month it is!

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Wiqd says:

    I uh … I … got the Station Pass so I’m playing this again and DC right now >< I can't help it! I want Everquest to be good! I want to be lost in it like I once was … Oh and my girlie can't wait for Sims Medieval as well. Come to think of it, I want it too.

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