Trading for House Items in Legends of Norrath #EQ2

LoN has a new house item, a fantastic looking (empty of fish) aquarium. In order to make sure I got one, I took part in the promotion they had going on where you could purchase a tournament pack which included three boosters and the aquarium for $10. Since there’s no guarantee that a booster pack comes with a loot card (and that’s pretty much the only reason I play LoN, is to win goodies) I decided to trade my booster packs for loot in the trade area. I came away with 2 paintings, a pack of shrink potions, a tapestry (house item),  and a storm in a tea cup (another house item) from trading with other players. I may not be the best player, but I really enjoy LoN as a way of wasting time while LFG etc. and winning items I can use in game is always a plus.

I’m still working on my Norrathian museum and have obtained a few more books through donations (thank you!) which I’ve added. I think I am at 405 books now give or take a few because I’ve been slightly neglectful of adding titles to my list. There are a lot of items I still have to get, like the tapestries in Sinking Sands and I haven’t even begun to work on faction for that yet. I love collecting these items that continue to tell a tale of my character.

Once the multiple house ownership goes live (I expect it will be a few months after the expansion comes out) I’m looking forward to adding an “actual” house to the museum via portal. I’d like Stargrace (pictured above) to have a living area, which is something I don’t currently have because I’m always adding relics instead. Not that it’s a bad thing! I really wish more games took the time to implement player housing, I understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but there ARE a lot of people out there who find this a nice relaxing way to enjoy their game when they don’t feel like quest grinding and partaking in PvP etc. Ah well, one day, maybe!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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