Tattered Wings #EQ2

When Fortune League for facebook came out, I knew it wasn’t really going to be a game that I got super involved with because it’s not really a game per say (I’ve already written about this, and directed folks to Tipa’s wonderful post about it). I did pretty well my first run through, not so well my second. It doesn’t matter how well you do, you’ll still win little potions to use for experience / achievement gain and those are pretty worth while to me.

There are still a lot of glitches. You still need to petition to have your EQ2 account linked to your facebook account and more often than not when you claim a prize it will tell you that there’s been an error – but then it will show up in game if you type /claim none the less. The game IS in beta, or maybe alpha, I can never remember. In any case do NOT go in expecting things to work or even to understand how to play. It’s confusing and annoying. My rank has slowly been decreasing as more and more people figure out how to play so I count myself incredibly lucky to have won these at all. Plus not only did I win them, I discovered them for my server.

I do think those wings are custom made for Ratongas, Goudia wears them especially well. Have you been playing Fortune League? What are your thoughts so far? Let me know in comments!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

4 Responses to Tattered Wings #EQ2

  1. stargrace says:

    I don’t think that’s necessarily true, I never spent anything in trades for the game, and still managed to finish within the top 20% for the wings. Tipa has been doing amazing in it, and I think it’s due to the fact that she’s created spreadsheets on the game, and she hasn’t purchased any trades.

  2. Jaffa says:

    I would like Fortune League a lot more if it wasn’t so much of a “buy your way to victory” game. You can’t really be competitive at all without getting the extra trades for Station Cash.

  3. Bryzon says:

    Mine is associated with another station access account and its such a hassle to get it changed. I would rather just noth play it than to deal with SOE’s customer service. ::facepalm::

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