Preparing For the Long Walk to Qeynos #EQ

Thanks to some tips from Arkenor, I decided it would be best if Ninga and I headed over to the great continent of Antonica, and Qeynos sewers from there. Ark pointed me to a few quests that I could complete, one for some bear-hide boots, and another for a golden ear stud. I’ll admit, the day started out quite frustrating. The sewers were not empty by any means and players kept coming along and standing directly on top of my poor little halfling / gnome combination oblivious to the fact that players used to respect camps. I would typically send them a tell asking if they could please move, and made it known that I was camping Cuburt. In most cases people have been polite and moved off once I sent the tell, but not always.

The first time the cube spawned he decided death by piranha would be better then death by me, and he ran under towards the frogloks near by and was promptly eaten. Lost the corpse to that one. It took another 6 spawns to finally loot the dress I needed, which I then turned in to the appropriate NPC and was rewarded with the common gem drop instead of the earring I longed for. Phooey. Having wasted pretty much my entire day after that one item I was getting REALLY frustrated.

Lets step back a few. First of all I had to actually walk from Greater Faydark to Qeynos, and it was no easy walk. First I headed to Butcherblock, took the translocator to Ocean of Tears where some random NPC promptly killed me and I reverted back to level 12. I could tell this would be a great trip (heavy on the sarcasm). Take two. Back to Butcherblock, Ocean of Tears, and from there – Freeport. Boats were not working very well back in 1999 and they don’t work very well in 2011 either, they’ve added the gnome porters.

From East Freeport, it was West Freeport, then Commonlands, Kithicor Forest, and to Rivervale for a quick bind because I really didn’t want to do the entire walk again. From Rivervale back to Kithicor, and then to Highpass Hold. Highpass was pretty busy, and I had no issues running through it but the journey was really only just starting. From there it was East Karana, then West Karana, and then Qeynos Hills. From Qeynos Hills, it was time to finally head to North Qeynos, and South Qeynos to bind. Shew.

Now back to the sewers. Even though we were feeling pretty discouraged, and spent most of the evening running around (unsuccessfully) looking for camps, we didn’t give up. The whole reason I’m doing this progression is because I want to experience exactly this. Giving up would be silly. Eventually we returned back to the sewers and made a camp of the thugs and ring leaders and smugglers that spawn. The enchanter managed to ding 11 and the cleric is just a smidgen from 14. The experience may be four times slower then normal, but I’m not about to let that stop me.

In the mean time, while I happily camped I watched everyone with their queues in Rift. I hope that issue is solved sooner rather then later. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! Remember you can add me to friends as Velours (cleric) and Pumpkins (enchanter), and /join fippy.twitterchat to say hello!

See you in (old) Norrath!

3 Responses to Preparing For the Long Walk to Qeynos #EQ

  1. stargrace says:

    Zones that were revamped on live are still revamped with some exceptions like CT, so Kithicor is indeed filled with undead at night – they also do not vanish during the day

  2. Malkavelli says:

    Hi, do you know is Kithicor in its original form or does it have higher level undead that only come out at night? Just curious, reading this and seeing your screenshots brings back so many memories, although it was several months into the game before I made my first epic journey across the world from Feydwer to Qeynos.

  3. pkudude99 says:

    Rift has added 23 servers sicne the headstart started. Queue times were non-existent this morning when I logged in, though it did look like it was starting to get busy by them time I logged out, so maybe there is a queue by now. Who knows? I actually expect a bad one tonight, so will hit it right as I get home from work and then expect o have a nice evening with the wife and baby before I’m finally up to being able to log in. But since I typically spend the evening like that anyway, the only difference is going to be the waiting in the queue while I have my normal evening ;-)

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