Proud Moments of Gear With Stats – #EQ

The cleric is inching her way towards level 16, the enchanter hit 14 (breeze!) and a little into it. I decided it was time to see if I couldn’t get some gear with stats on it. I had tried to do a few quests thanks to Arkenor’s suggestion, but my luck in video games is non existent, and I failed all the quests I attempted. Until this one. It starts in Rivervale, from one Gapeers Johhanis in the cleric guild. He wants you to collect three items for him:

n Erud’s Crossing kill a zombie sailor.
–You have looted a Algae Covered Flesh.–

In Feerrott kill a drowned caravan guard or a Greenblood Zombie.
–You have looted a Swollen Flesh.–

In Freeport Sewers kill a drowned citizen.
–You have looted a Waterlogged Flesh.–


The hardest piece was the one in the Freeport Sewers, the mobs in this place are still yellow at level 15, and (surprisingly) there was pretty much no one in the zone. Until I happened to mention to my guild that there was no one in the zone and then they all went crazy and swarmed. It’s rare to find zones without a huge influx of players these days. A lot of people avoid the Freeport sewers due to the fact that they are the revamped version and not the one most remember.

I do still have my bear-hide boots, but I can use those for buffing, and then switch out to the newer ones. This is my first ‘real’ piece of gear with stats on it that are useful to me. I do have a few dervish cutthroat rings but the stats are not exactly the most helpful for me. I attempted to work on a quest for a new weapon last night but once again faction is my enemy and I couldn’t get very far. Actually I tried to work on two weapons – I turned in 150 orc picks to have the freeport militia still con indifferent to me. Then I got pummeled by the griffin floating by, numerous times and when it wasn’t the griffin it was the blue con bears that the guards decided not to assist with (they only assisted with the grey ones) AND lets not forget that I was encumbered with 30 pick axes at the time and had bound myself right beside the guard. Ah. Death loop how I have not missed you.

I would have been level 16 were it not for my adventures to the bind point. Which makes this single piece of gear even more valuable to me. I have worked REALLY hard on my ‘new’ EQ characters, I have over 3 days played time on them – something that’s unheard of for a character so low. I have no idea how everyone else is leveling up so quickly, but I am just not good at it.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself, I’ll see you in (old) Norrath!

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  1. tupodawg says:

    It’s weird but i have fond memories of specific bits of gear from EQ because cool items were rare and could last a dozen levels whereas most games now i don’t notice any of it as it’s all replaced within the hour. One of my faves was the cleric mace from rivervale which procced cure disease and poison (good against necros IIRC). I can’t remember the quest but it was fun to have an item that procced.

    Without a bazaar the old class armour quests are probably worthwhile again now too.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I haven’t played EQ since the first year it was out and that griffin in the Commonlands still terrorizes me!

  3. Tipa says:

    Au contraire, I think you’re doing wonderfully! I love reading your adventures :)

  4. Bhagpuss says:

    My necro is Level 7 with 27 hours played! At this rate he will be about 15th when we get Kunark, which is fine by me.

    Compare that with Rift, which hasn’t even been up for three days yet and hasn’t even officially launched and where I was passed this morning in Sanctum by a level 46, just four levels from the cap!

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