More Freeport Sewer Adventures #EQ

(I know, that screen shot has nothing at all to do with the freeport sewers, but I spent so much time running from drowned citizens that I forgot to take any!)

It was a fairly quiet day in EverQuest – as quiet as they ever are. I managed to hit almost 17 on the cleric which is an enormous feat for myself, and the enchanter inched her way pretty close to 16. At 15 she got quickness, her first haste. Sure it only lasts 5 minutes (that’s one minute longer then charm) but having haste at all is nice. Cleric, Enchanter, and Monk headed to the Freeport Sewers again and I found out why they’re so quiet. The revamped named no longer spawn in the zone because their gear is more over powered then it should be for the current expansion. Fine by me, I’m there for the experience not for the gear.

After an hour of wandering the sewers my monk friend decided that although he plays a very decked out monk on live servers – it wasn’t working for us and our combination on the progression server. He decided that now would be a good time to re-roll as a warrior, and so he promptly made a dwarf. I decided that I’d like an alt even if I don’t play it that much and I decided to make a bard (starting in Freeport, close to Kaladim for leveling purposes). I’ve always wanted to play a bard but have never actually gotten anywhere with one. Since the experience is so much lower then normal I doubt I’ll get anywhere here either, but I did inch my way to level 3. Twisting songs is an art from the past with the /melody command implemented on the progression server. Basically it’s an auto-twister. You make a macro that /melody 1 2 3 and then it will twist songs one two and three in your spell gems. Right now I only have two songs, my group buff and my AoE which I have to make sure I turn off when guards wander by.

Since we’ve already figured out where to level from 1-16 I’m hoping it won’t take quite as long with the new characters but we’ll just have to see. I’ve always loved having alts, it’s just really difficult on a progression server.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! I’ll see you in (old) Norrath.

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