Ding 84, And On To Tier 3 #EQ

Last night was another amazing time in EverQuest, thanks to the kindness of some incredible friends. I was invited along to work through House of Thule progression which is a place I didn’t think I would be seeing too much of because of my low level. Underfoot didn’t raise the cap from 85, and I still haven’t even stepped foot in that expansion aside from my beta exploration. Our guide for the night would be Xaoz, who had a goal in mind for getting us flagged at least for Tier 3. Each tier of House of Thule requires you to work your way through a number of tasks. The tasks unlock the next tier as well as achievements for completing them without any deaths and other little neat things like pulling a mob into a pool of water to fight it. Having already completed two tasks the night before really helped out, it meant that instead of having 6 tasks to do, we only had 4. I managed to score myself two new bracelet pieces which were enormous upgrades and I also dinged 84 – something I had not even thought I would approach because experience tends to be so slow. At this rate I may actually hit the old cap of 85 on my necromancer and then dare I say it, 90.

The servers were coming down just as we finished flagged for T3 and had entered Al’Kabor’s Nightmare and that’s where we’ll pick up tonight (hopefully). My necromancer is WELL behind where she should be as far as aa goes – the character is one of my newer ones, created in 2009 and barely played since then aside from the odd jaunt here and there. I’ve got her on 90% experience (until I hit 90) and 10% aa – and each task was granting me 3aa at a time upon completion. SOE has raised the experience gained if you’re below 2500 (it used to be 1500 but was raised) and I benefit from that greatly, and will for some time to come. This weekend the guild is planning an Anquish run for some 2.0 orbs, as well as some DoN progression to unlock the aa that you can get from there, specifically from killing Emoush the Destroyer. I did this in a trio two years ago, so I think it will be a relatively simple fight these days.

I hope everyone else is having an amazing week so far, no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Norrath! Also, if you’d like to add me to friends you can find me on Drinal as Ellithia. /friend eq.drinal.ellithia if you’re coming from EQ2 or another EQ1 server (Vanguard works for tells, but you can’t add friends from cross game).

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