Al’Kabor’s Nightmare and An Offering To Thule #EQ

It was time to continue on with our progression, the 8 hour down time cut it a little short but we were ready to jump right back into it once everyone was online (and once Ninga had power again). We had left off with Al’Kabor’s nightmare, which is one of my favorite zones. See, in his dream Kelethin and Felwithe are in ruins. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing all of those tree houses laying all over the ground in little bits and pieces. Of course his dream can’t be that good because in the end you defeat him – but it was still really fun.

After came our hardest challenge which is in Fear Itself, and it’s called An Offering To Thule. The zone was REALLY hard to pull, you had to fight 6 mobs at once for 142 mobs, and out of those 6 one would really hurt (and at my level, they all really hurt). What’s worse is that entire hordes of mobs would all come at once, since the encounters were so close together. The basics of the task (and our final task to unlock access to Tier 4) included:

  • Kill 24 amygdalans – Fear Itself
  • Kill 12 boogeymen – Fear Itself
  • Kill 18 fetid fiends – Fear Itself
  • Kill 12 frightflingers – Fear Itself
  • Kill 12 glarelords – Fear Itself
  • Kill 12 gorgons – Fear Itself
  • Kill 12 phantasms – Fear Itself
  • Kill 12 phoboplasm – Fear Itself
  • Kill 12 samhains – Fear Itself
  • Kill 12 scarelings – Fear Itself
  • Kill Dread – Fear Itself
  • Kill Fright – Fear Itself
  • Kill Terror – Fear Itself
  • ? – Fear Itself
  • ? – Fear Itself
  • ? – Fear Itself
  • Claim your rewards – Fear Itself

Thankfully the ‘hard’ mob out of every encounter can be rooted / mez’d etc so with our handy monk pullers we would always set one away from us and take down the other five. The problem was that our mercenary (tank) would charge off after the rooted mob – they really need an AI that allows you to tell the mercenary NOT to hit the rooted mobs. The zone took us over 3 hours to do when all was said and done. In the end you defeat Cazic-Thule – as well as Dread, Terror, and Fear once you’ve finished clearing the entire zone. It brought back memories of me using my rogue to SoS and do corpse runs.

By the time we were done I was simply exhausted. I haven’t been getting nearly enough sleep due to real life (boo) so I crashed at about 10pm, 60% into level 84. I’m eager to reach 85 if for no other fact then I will finally be on the last 5 level grind – and I also get a new rogue pet (woohoo). I’ve also decided that I’d like my necromancer to finally also be my tradeskiller. I’ve worked long and hard on the enchanter and her crafting, but I really prefer my main to “do it all”. It will be a long process, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself! I’ll see you in Norrath.

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