First Max Level EverQuest Character #EQ

Not only was everyone in game celebrating the 12th birthday of EverQuest yesterday but thanks to a few tasks I also managed to get my first ever level capped character – of course it did take me 12 years, but it’s better late then never, right? My necromancer came close to hitting the cap of 85 last expansion but never quite made it there before I moved on to other games. This year I was determined to hit 90 no matter what – and I’m incredibly pleased that I did. Now that I’m 90 there’s so much more to work on, especially aa. A lot of people have 2500+ and I’m just brushing up to 300. There’s the bard on my 2nd account that I’d like to level up, and lets not forget all of the crafting I have yet to do, as well as exploring more old world content and doing activities in expansions I’ve missed almost completely like Underfoot.

This year there is a new solo quest, a group quest, and a new raid. I’ve been working on the solo quest and completed the group quest which I’ll write about in a separate post. I’m not sure if I’ll manage to get a chance to do the raid but if I see anyone recruiting for it I’ll attempt to join.

The solo quest takes place within the new housing zone of Sunrise Hills. There’s a collector in a bright red robe that you can barely miss, musing over lost shards spread throughout the zone. He gives you a task to collect them all, tiny little semi rare shards on the ground. They glow a bright neon green so once you spot one they’re hard to miss but the quest will take a few hours to do. Thankfully you can 1. purchase pieces from other players if you know what you’re looking for and 2. trade between players for missing pieces. You’ll end up with a handful of doubles since the spawning items are rare and not lore, and there are a good number of them to collect. After working on this quest for two hours I had five of the pieces down and another 9 to go I believe. Hopefully I’ll manage to collect the rest once the game comes back up later today.

Fabled are also back in game but this year there’s no motivation for me to take part in the event as none of the items would be an upgrade. Fabled encounters stop with the Planar Power expansion with no additions coming in the foreseeable future, and while I’m happy that I won’t have to deal with the very long painful camps (I did two years ago) I sort of miss the excitement of this portion of the anniversary.

Do you plan on playing with any of the anniversary fun? Hard to believe that EverQuest is already 12 years old and still going strong! Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself, I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    The last time I had max level characters in EQ the level cap was 65. I had two characters at the cap then for about a year, until the level cap went to 70 and I got into EQ2 beta at around the same time. When I next went back to EQ I went back to a different server and never quite caught up to the level cap again.

    My current highest level was sitting just a couple of levels off the pace at 83rd for ages, and I did think she’d get to 85th but in the end the cap went to 90 before that happened. She did, however, finally ding 84th during this recent doubble xp weekend. I am leaving her at that for now and concentrating on AAs, which are sitting woefully around the 300 mark.

    And of course there are the 20+ other characters to be levelled too…

  2. Dril says:

    Gratz :)

    I’m hoping to eventually hit 65 in LOTRO at some point, but that’s a long way away…

    A VERY long way away.

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