Master Tailoring Trophy and House Items #EQ

Yesterday was a fantastic day in EQ1 for me, personally. I was a mere 5 points away from hitting my goal of 300 tailor (the current cap) and I had been saving up pelts and silk in order to make my way. It took a lot longer then I imagined it would, but I should have known better. Finally, I hit 300. Now if you played EQ you may remember the old day crafting trophies. They were items that gave you a % mod to your skill, as well as the ability to summon a weight reduction bag. In Prophecy of Ro these trophies were changed into actual trophies that players could obtain, with a higher % mod, and a lot more stats. In House of Thule they became house items – and not only that but they became house items with an activated buff that you can manage through your tribute window system. That means instead of wearing the house item you can simply place it and activate your house trophies and have the % mod while you’re anywhere in Norrath. AWESOME.This allows me to activate any and all of my crafting trophies as I obtain them and not have to actually cart them around on me. There’s one for each ‘true’ craft (ie: Researcher is not included because not everyone can do it although poison making is included).

In order to obtain this trophy you need to speak to Event Coordinator Baublie Digg in West Freeport. She’s just outside the gates standing beside Judge Marion Teld’mare who will look over your work when it’s completed. There’s two ways to start on your trophy. You can 1. start the beginner trophy quest as soon as you have reached 50 skill in any craft – or you can wait until any level within that craft and then do the quest. The neat thing is that these trophy items evolve as you do combines above your current skill level. There are 7 ranks in all, and in order to get from rank 6 to 7 you’ll need to do combines with a trivial higher then 300. It takes anywhere from 400-1,000 combines in order to level the trophy into a mystical bolt.

I decided to wait until I had hit 300 in tailoring to begin my trophy quest, but for my next craft (I’m thinking baking) I’ll start the trophy first and compare the evolving process of each item. I was required to make 10 items (and not fail on any of them) then turn them in to the judge. The problem is almost all of these items are old world items and they require components that no one was selling in the bazaar. They also all have a number of subcombines, which meant I had a lot of farming to do first.

Create 1 Studded Boots using tradeskills – ALL
Create 1 Crystalline Silk Collar using tradeskills – ALL
Create 1 Platinum Forestgreen Ribbon using tradeskills – ALL
Create 1 Etched Scale Snake Whip using tradeskills – ALL
Create 1 Arctic Wyvern Cloak using tradeskills – ALL
Create 1 Grandmaster Tailor’s Needle using tradeskills – ALL
Create 1 Holgresh Fur Moccasins using tradeskills – ALL
Create 1 Fine Silk Robe Template using tradeskills – ALL
Create 1 Othmir Fur Cloak using tradeskills – ALL
Create 1 Ice Silk Amice using tradeskills – ALL

I failed one combine throughout the process, and made sure I was wearing a geerlock so that my skill was at least above 300 while I attempted these. A lot of the subcombines used components from other crafting professions, so I used my enchanter to make them all for me, you only need to make the final combine in order to get credit.

Next? Inching my way to 300 on all other crafting professions, getting the trophies for them all – doing the prayer shawl 1.0 and then eventually the shawl 2.0 that was released in Underfoot. Adventurous? Yes. But that’s why I love this game.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! I’ll see you in Norrath.



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