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Alts always seem to cause me the most joy and the most grief in every game I play. I enjoy working on them, but every second I play an alt is a second I’m not playing my main – whoever that is at the time. My main rises and falls as often as the sun or moon and it took me a long time to come to grips with the fact that it’s simply how I have decided to game. I used to get upset with myself for being ‘behind’ the curve and the conversation of “if I had only focused on one character” comes up more often then I’d like to admit.

The dilemma: I love my necromancer, but she’s a fairly new character in creation. I moved from Luclin to Drinal to play with friends and had no characters there so she was created. While I love the character because she is more ‘uber’ then my others I also the shortest history with her. She is well geared, has her epic 2.0, over 300 aa (finally), 300 tailor, etc. My old main used to be my enchanter who I have huge history with. However she’s well behind the times in almost every aspect. I did spend a bunch of time yesterday updating her gear and she no longer sucks quite as much as before, but she was mid-way through her 1.0 and while she does have 300 in jewel crafting, she has only reached 200 in the rest of the crafts. The other problem is that enchanters sort of suck, game wise. In fact they are so rare and perhaps so un-needed that their levle 76 aura is actually an xp bonus (I kid you not) for anyone who groups with them. 5% for rank 1, 7% for rank II and 9% for rank III.

What’s a girl to do? Stick with the better geared-well-created character or attempt to make up for years of neglect on the character with history. Something tells me I may be giving this scenario too much thought.

The dilemma: I have two active EQ accounts and I’d REALLY like to box more consistently, but during my last phase of playing I moved all of the characters from account B over to account A thinking I either 1. wouldn’t be playing any more or 2. wouldn’t be boxing any more. I regret the decision now but what’s done is done and I don’t want to pay $25 to move the characters back. So my only option is to start over on my 2nd account with fresh characters. What to create is always an issue for me. I THINK I have settled on a druid – the same druid that I moved off of the account initially. Providing nice backup heals, transportation, and group buffs I think that the druid would be a great match no matter who I am playing off of my main account. However. I also have a 50 bard that I wouldn’t mind playing, a little more difficult to box with the selection of casters from my main account but not impossible. Offering fantastic methods to pull and great group buffs. Argh the choices!

The dilemma: Housing! How could I have a complex choice to make in housing? Well this one is quite simple. I just am not sure what sort of house I want to design. Do I want to build from scratch like some of the other creations out there I have seen or should I stick with the simple “this is a house, this is a yard” feature that any player can create by default. From the start I wanted to re-create my EQ2 Norrathian Museum – however, a LOT of items within EQ are simply not able to be placed even though they may be ancient relics of days gone by. The point to my museum is of course to show off objects that perhaps not everyone has seen or collects. In EQ this includes every single weapon in game, but not a lot of other bits. I don’t really want a museum filled with weapons.

There you have it, my decisions of this morning. Have any suggestions? Feel free to let me know!

Be sure to check out Scarybooster’s blog this week (well, all the time actually, it’s a great read) for DAW: Developer Appreciation Week. Or, why not do one better and participate in the event and show your love for game developers. With so much negativity floating around the gaming community it’s always a refreshing break to show a little love.

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, I’ll see you in Norrath!

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