Pegasus Feathered Cloak #EQ2

The design of this cloak is absolutely amazing. It’s in two layers, giving it a better movement effect, and the details in the feathers is just fantastic. The cloak itself drops as a semi-rare item from the new portal quests in EQ2, celebrating the 12 year anniversary of EQ1. I ran a few alts through the instance because the cloak is heirloom and can be traded between your account, I was determined to get one.

I also wanted the two scout weapons from the Guk portal – but instead of patiently waiting until I looted one, I decided to purchase them off the broker. If I do manage to loot one while adventuring there on my own time I’ll hang onto it for when the portals are no longer around (the event ends the 30th) and then sell them. It’s not often I splurge on my alts, and it was a massive upgrade to the troubador.

Yesterday also marked my final quest for my flying mount – I did the crafter chain in order to get it, and I’m really glad I did. I picked the Boreal mount, which has some very nice colours on it. My 90 carpenter (84 coercer) is pleased to be able to fly around completing quests much quicker now. I do have many more alts who could use the flying mount, but I’m undecided as to whether or not I want to run them all through the quest chain or just stick with one having completed it for now. Since I’m still spread between two servers it’s a little annoying, I’ve always wanted my characters on one server but alas with friends scattered all over the place that rarely works out in my favour.

I hope everyone is enjoying the 12th anniversary quests. This weekend also marks double vitality for Eq2, and double experience for EQ1, so get your levels while you have the time! Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Norrath!


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  1. Thanks for putting up the cloak picture! I had been so curious about what it looked like. :)

    Got all of the portals done last night with one of my characters. Haven’t seen the cloak drop yet, but I’ve only been in that instance twice.

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