Exploring Thurgadin #EQ2

I really love how the developers of EQ2 have designed Thurgadin. It’s one of my favorite zones in looks alone. I spent a few hours wandering around the city, listening to NPC and viewing the wonders that were hidden in nooks and crannies, and every detail is just done with such care. My coercer has her flying mount now (the only character I have who has finished the quest so far) and getting around quest hubs is much easier. I finished the crafting quests in The Great Divide, and have been working on the ones within Thurgadin. I also took the troubador out for a spin, after being much neglected. I decided to splurge and purchased the two portal weapons off of the broker (having already obtained the belt, all three come from the Guk portal) and then did a few Public Quests with her. I stayed away from SG, people have already proven that it’s the least liked of both, and every two hours I said I was LFR and eventually found myself in a group. I didn’t get any neat weapons or the chest piece or any runes, but I did get myself three pieces of legendary gear with +87 to agi and stam, and the three set bonus also granted me another extra 100 agi. The troubador was wearing level 80 gear from The Shadow Odyssey still, and this new gear was an enormous upgrade.

Since I qualified for the Free Blood race in February I decided just for laughs I’d create one, and purchase the home in case one of these days I wanted to decorate it. I honestly have no idea what the inside looks like yet, I haven’t bothered stepping into one. I’d like to continue working on my carpenter on the Antonia Bayle server, so that will probably be the plan for the next little while.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend – how have you been spending your game time? Let me know in comments below! Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in New (and Old) Norrath!

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  1. Tipa says:

    They did a really good job of keeping the Thurgadin look in the new game!

    Re: the Mistmoore house — too large. I have abandoned it and have moved into a three room inn space in Qeynos Harbor, which is much easier for a non-decorator to deal with. I just need a place for my Fortune League trophies mostly :)

    There’s this whole huge community of lower level characters on Antonia Bayle. Many have returned from years away, some just don’t have any high level characters. I can’t wait for SOE to remember them — in EQ, when the world grew, it generally grew for everyone — the original Velious started out with a 30s zone, while Kunark, Luclin, Serpent’s Spine, Lost Dungeons of Norrath (from 15+), Dragons of Norrath (with the mission system), Prophecy of Ro (AKA Let’s Destroy Freeport) and Gates of Discord (with Jaggedpine Forest) all had new or enhanced low level experiences.

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