If I Only Had the Time.. #EQ2 #EQ #Rift #VGD

If only I had the time. That statement haunts me even to the moment that I’m typing it out. I think we live in a glorious age where there are just SO many incredible games to play – and I just don’t have enough time for them all. It’s impossible. What am I up to these days? Well.

EverQuest: My main game at this moment in time, and has been since the progression servers launched. I am no longer playing on a progression server but have returned to my home of Drinal. I have a 90 necromancer and an 89 soon-to-be 90 enchanter. My second account is active (for now) and I’ve been playing a bard who just reached level 80 yesterday. I’ve been exploring House of Thule in all its glory, and working on my 1.0-1.5-2.0 epics. I haven’t explored much of the previous expansion (Underfoot) yet but I’m looking forward to that. EverQuest just has SO much content for players (12 years will do that) and I’ve been having a wonderful time. I’ve been doing crafting as well, and have made a few friends. I’ve stayed in my casual guild so far, but that may change in the future. I’ve been doing anniversary events which are around (along with Fabled spawns) until April 26th. For those who say you can never go back – I say yes you can.

EverQuest II: I’ve done little to nothing since DoV released. I’ve obtained 1 flying mount and done a few public quests for gear on both the troubador and the warden. I did do the chrono portal quests that were released as a tribute to EQ1, but aside from that EQ2 has barely been on my radar. I keep wanting to go back but I can’t find (aside from housing and crafting) what it is I’m looking for when I play. For now I’m still drifting.

Rift: I’ve got a level 21 as my max level character at the moment, along with a handful of crafting alts. I haven’t really touched the game that much, I’m still in the starter area. I have decided to sign up for a 6 month subscription because I know I will be back when time allows and the $10/m deal was just too good to pass up. When I’ll actually have the time, I just don’t know.

Vanguard: Yes, still playing. These days I’m mostly doing diplomacy quests or crafting and not that much adventuring. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a time restraint thing. If I had more time I’d play more. This is still one of my all time favorite games.

The Sims Medieval: Love it. Need more time to play it. My kingdom is doing well. I have a tavern, a market, and I created some sort of spy outpost along with NPC to run them all. I haven’t played anyone but the monarch yet, but I’m excited about switching and seeing what other personalities I can uncover.

If I had the time I’d also be brushing up on the handful of games that I’ve got collecting dust. STO comes to mind, Wizard 101, Guild Wars, Dragon Age II (which I bought and haven’t even installed yet on my PC), Free Realms (both PS3 and PC versions), LotRO (which I have been neglecting badly), Magicka, Minecraft, and Recettear. How can we NOT be amazed by the fantastic games we’ve got available to us.

What is your game of choice at the moment? I expect my game-play to also decrease significantly over the next little while. My birthday is coming up, and with it a new Kindle (replacing my sony pocket e-reader) and a new Ipad 2.0 (replacing my ipod 1st gen), I also picked up a kinect, and have been having fun with their work out programs. PLUS spring has finally started, and I expect to be out and about with my camera and a good book – well, as soon as all this rain lets up of course.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 Responses to If I Only Had the Time.. #EQ2 #EQ #Rift #VGD

  1. Borgio says:

    As usual star you hit the nail right on the head, there isn’t enough time in the day for me to play all of the games I want to. Being in a raiding guild (leading one) can really mess up a casual game schedule!

    Game of choice for me at he moment has been Dragon Age Origins and it’s DLC. I’ve has the game since release but never bad the time to finish it. Well I’m happy to say that over the weekend I changed that and wrapped up the main quest and started on awakening! I love it!

    From an mmo standpoint I couldn’t be busier, I raid on eq2 so it paves little time for a anything more however I’ve started a series of YouTube vids about vanguard which I’ll need to add to, as well as trying to play on fippy. I just can’t find the class for me though. I rerolled zerk in eq and that’s what I like to do, I have been fiddling with a rogue too which is kinda fun but I seem to have lost the social skills to join a group hahahahaha.

    Also just lettin my rift account idle, I simply can’t dedicate any time to it and still cram everyhing else in.

  2. Bhagpuss says:

    You echo my feelings entirely. I just wish I had 48 hours in the day even to begin to do justice to the quantity and quality of MMO entertainment on offer.

    Currently spending most of my time in Rift. I strongly disagree with some of the opinions that it’s just a skin of WoW, or that it’s over-linear, or that it doesn’t offer the kind of open-ended, virtual-world, explorer-friendly gameplay of Everquest or Vanguard. I find it compelling, absorbing and fascinating just to wander and explore Telara. Like Calvin, I find there’s treasure everywhere.

    I also can’t stress strongly enough how much deeper, more fascinating and rewarding the world of Telara becomes as you push deeper in and further out. Most of the restrictive issues that I’ve seen reiterated online have been reported by players still in what are effectively the starter zones. Silverwood is great, but it’s the equivalent of Antonica in EQ2 or Butcherblock in EQ1. The game has barely shown you anything.

    When I’m not playing Rift, I’m still trundling my Necro along on Fippy Darkpaw. I did some of the excellent chronoportals on EQ2, and a little of the Bristlebane content. Nominally I’m still playing LotRO, Vanguard, DCUO and several more, but there just isn’t time to do them justice.

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