Rift: Hotfix #15: 7:00am PDT 4/10/11 – #Rift

* Phase 2 of the World Event has been rescheduled for April 16 at 12:00pm server time, due to the stability issues discovered this morning. The World Event UI now shows the updated date.
* For Phase 1, new Trinket items, Lesser Essences, and weapon glow effect items have been added to the World Event merchants.
* Minor Death Rifts now all drop 4 Otherworldly Sourcestone. Major Death Rifts drop 8. Death Zone Events and River of Souls daily quests now award 15 Otherworldly Sourcestone.

* Re-added the ability to promote guild members who are not online.
* Fixed a bug with taunts not always working correctly, especially on initial pulls.
* Audio: Corrected the repeating buff sound from Beastmaster’s Protective Companion.
* Fixed a chat bug that allowed sending of fake server messages.


* Players can no longer enter the Hylas arena without being teleported during the critter phase.
* Life Aura should spawn more reliably.

* Telara On the Brink: Fixed a bug that would often cause this quest to not function properly.

* Sight Unseen: Players who die in Farsight Tower should now be able to resurrect at their corpse if they choose to respawn.

* Increased the respawn time on some named faeries in Faering Woods if no players are nearby who need them for quests.

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