Bobo Gleemaker and the Mini Jokester in ‘This Ain’t Right’ #EQ

Turns out that this April 1st also added a new quest that I had completely forgotten about until someone linked one of the rewards (the marionette pictured above) to channels. You may have noticed this new NPC in PoK – standing at a tree beside the Plane of Tranquility stone. His (her?) name is Bobo Gleemaker, and his first task is solo (and scales with your level). A note here – in order to get the group task you MUST complete the level 90 version of his quest. Only one person in the group needs it in order to request the mission. You can shroud down to request other versions of the first task but the group one must be done at level 90.

The solo quest sends you to the Feerrott to kill 5 yodeling gorillas, and to loot music books from them. This isn’t exactly a *solo* task by any means, they con white to a level 90. None the less myself and a few friends grouped up to give it a go – what we were really after was the group task. The gorillas fell easily enough and we headed back to PoK to request the task.

When you request the group task you must say the words “Hubadee dubadee doo” in order to zone in – and then you’ll find yourself (and your group) in an instanced version of Plane of Knowledge. If you thought all was well, you’d be mistaken. Your first sign that not all is right would be the tiny elephants that litter the zone in. Your quest update would also indicate that you are not just there for pleasure:

  • Hail Bobo Gleemaker 0/1 (Plane of Knowledge)NOTE: This locks the task.
  • Kill Tiny Elephants 0/8 (Plane of Knowledge)The elephants are found in the neutral area of the zone.
  • Loot a Tiny Elephant Trunk from a Tiny Elephant 0/1 (Plane of Knowledge)
  • Kill Cannibalistic Gingerbread Men 0/8 (Plane of Knowledge)These are found on the good side of the zone.
  • Loot a Gingerbread Man Spleen from a Cannibalistic Gingerbread Man. 0/1 (Plane of Knowledge)
  • Kill Grugglemumps. 0/8 (Plane of Knowledge)These are found on the evil side of the Plane of Knowledge.
  • Loot a Grugglemump Hide from a Grugglemump. 0/1 (Plane of Knowledge)
  • Kill Edwin, the Gingerbread Man. 0/1 (Plane of Knowledge)Edwin Destroyer of Worlds, a huge gingerbread man, is next to the trader building on the opposite side from the Herald of Druzzil Ro and near the monster shroud NPC.
  • Kill the World’s Tiniest Giant. 0/1 (Plane of Knowledge)The World’s Tiniest Giant is right outside the stairs to the library (at the bottom) near the big bank.
    Completing the above steps opens up three more steps:
  • Give the Tiny Elephant Trunk to Bobo Gleemaker. 0/1 (Plane of Knowledge)
  • Give the Gingerbread Man Spleen to Bobo Gleemaker. 0/1 (Plane of Knowledge)
  • Give the Gruggleump Hide to Bobo Gleemaker. 0/1 (Plane of Knowledge)Then, after doing those turn-ins:
  • Speak with Bobo Gleemaker. 0/1 (Plane of Knowledge)

At the end of the task Bristlebane himself appears to give you your reward which is a chest filled with a hobby horse. This “mount” can be shown off but you can’t actually MOVE anywhere on it, which I found hilarious. Of course you’re also granted the house item I pictured above, which was the whole reason I wanted to do the zone to begin with. Over all I found the task a little lengthy, but the aa was good. My enchanter just passed the 500 aa mark, which is nothing by these days standards – but considering I was level 81 and only had 100 aa in March, I’m pretty pleased.

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading the Norrathian Homeshow lately, and not the EQ2 version of the forums, but the EQ1 version. Some players have created astounding homes and I’ve been working on an idea (at least in my mind) to create a gnome home for my enchanter. I haven’t actually started to build yet, but I’m looking forward to getting started (eventually). Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, I’ll see you in Norrath!

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