1-300 Brewing Guide #EverQuest #EQ

One of my favorite places in EverQuest would have to be Brell’s Rest. It’s an amazing looking zone, and of course with Brell’s own house not that far away, looming over the rivers, well. It’s just outstanding. I’m still working on my crafting, and there’s still a lot to go before I hit 300 in all my trades and then attempt to work on the prayer shawl 2.0 but I look forward to it with an odd excitement. I didn’t get a lot of gaming in this weekend due to some health complications, but hopefully once I visit my doctor on Tuesday everything will be back to normal. I’ve found a number of guides for leveling up tradeskills, but none are exactly up to date with the latest and greatest recipes. Where most crafts have plenty of House of Thule additions, I found that Brewing, was quite lacking. This was the method I took:

Quick Trivial List
Tradeskill Trophy Quest
Brewer Charm

Brewing Freebie: Work for Yitimis
0-122 Fetid Essence (can be used later in Smithing Bile Spine)
135 Ol’tujim’s Fierce Brew
162 Jumjum Spiced Beer
188 Faydwer Shaker (all store bought)
248 Minotaur Hero’s Brew
335 Kaladim Constitutional (requires ground spawns)

Alternative Routes:
150 Sherry (all store bought items)
187 Shar Vahl Essence (requires foraged or ground spawns)
250 Clear Absinthe (all store bought items)
282 Fish Fungus Wine (requires fishing in Depths of Darkhollow)
295 Blindfish Pale Ale (requires fishing in Depths of Darkhollow)
300 Rose Absinth (requires ground spawn from Oceangreen)
335 Brut Champagne a bit more expensive but less farming

Right now my brewing is at 263, which means I’m working on Kaladim constitutional. The problem is, so are many others on Drinal, and that means the ground spawns in Kaladim are not always available. I attempted to make Brut Champagne, but it’s an expensive endeavor, requiring enchanter created parts (which I do make myself, but still a pain to gather). The other down side is that brut champagne is not something my characters will actually make use of, since it’s an alcoholic beverage and not an actual drink with stats. Most of the house of thule recipes I came across were for much lower levels of brewing, although the drinks have nice stats they’re not things I can use to skill up with.

For now, I’m content with the 500 jugs of Kaladim constitutional I’ve got on my main, and look forward to filling many (many) more casks with the sweet liquid. After brewing I’ve got the wonderful decision of what to work on next. It’s a tie between smithing, fletching, and pottery. The last three skills I need on my road to making out my crafting.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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