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I love house items, it doesn’t matter what game I play (although to be honest, only so many games I play actually have housing). House of Thule (the latest EQ expansion) introduced player-housing to the game and while there are a lot of merchants as well as the market place that give players some creative purchases in which to build their homes, there are very few quests in game (yet) that reward players with house items. There are a few! Don’t get me wrong. My first experience with these quests was actually the April Fools day quest – it rewarded the mini jester for my home. Yesterday I discovered three more quests while browsing the forums, including the quest for the action figure pictured above.

The incredibly neat thing about these quests is that the house items have very detailed lore explanations added onto the item. What I mean is that when you examine the item they have two tabs, one is the general description, and the other is a lore tab with the details. The action figure pictured above also happens to have adjustable poses, talks, and plays music. It is one of two rewards from a quest involving The Nonad Brothers which you can begin in Sunrise Hills. You also receive an awesome looking replica of a shield with the Qeynos crest on the front of it. The quest involved one of the older ones available in game, collecting taxes from random NPC through Qeynos. My favorite part was when I had to collect taxes from one disgruntled Halfling – he actually stole the tax money from another, and made me tell him that I was a gnoll loving weakling unfit to comb his feet. After I gave him a good chuckle he kindle handed over the coin.

There are two other housing quests as well, but I won’t get into details about them in this post, going to save that for another day. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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