I Ain’t Afraid of No PUG #WoW #WorldOfWarcraft

I’m interested in seeing how the latest changes to the LFD tool bring about faster queue times (especially for DPS) – I don’t think they actually will, even with an extra incentives. What I personally think will happen is that all of those people who really want to play DPS but are too impatient to wait for groups will suddenly decide they are healers / tanks and queue up, creating larger issues for groups. Issues like not being spec’d properly, and not having the right gear. I see it all the time on my priest; tanks who are wearing no tank gear but only PvP gear, or paladins who want to heal but they’re not wearing any int / spirit gear. I’d rather this not happen but honestly I don’t hold very much faith in it.

I’ve been playing my (now) 33 paladin, who is holy spec’d with a protection off spec. I carry around two complete sets of gear depending on what I think I’ll be doing. I haven’t picked up any glyhps yet because that’s the crafting I’ve decided to pick up and I didn’t want to spend too much cash on it. I have done a lot of pick up groups on all of my characters, every time I play World of Warcraft, and I haven’t had too many horror stories. I mean, I have the usual ones where no one pays attention to the tank and runs around crazy doing their own thing. I’ve met some rude people, and I’ve voted people out (though I myself have not been voted out of a group yet). I refuse to let other people dictate whether or not I will have fun in a game. I’ve also had some wonderful groups where the players were patient and listened, and we had no issues. I typically play a healer in all PUGs, on my discipline spec’d 85 priest or my druid / shaman / paladin who are all also spec’d as healers as their main spec. I have tanked a little on the paladin, but it really depends on my mood, I’ve just never really been one to want to tank in any game it’s certainly not WoW or LFD tool specific.

This is the highest I’ve managed to level a paladin, although I have tried many times in the past. I want to stick it out for once – my one concern is my healing abilities later on when things get difficult. I have no idea if paladins can still measure up or not. I suppose we’ll just have to see!

If you happen to play on Argent Dawn be sure to look me up, I’m typically on Velours (the paladin) or Ellithia (85 priest), Minxes (83 warlock), or a handful of smaller alts. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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  1. Nolrog says:

    Did my first PUG the other night. Regular random instance (I need the justice points.) Forgot which one we got, but that’s not relevant. We won, without too much problem. But the tank and the healer bickered the whole time. “You suck as a tank, you’re mitigation is aweful, slow down so we can set up, blah blah blah.”

    Was comical and annoying at the same time.

  2. Rebecca says:

    You’re right – call to arms isn’t going to solve anything, and we’re quite possibly going to see groups of 5 DPS turn up in a dungeon because at least two of them lied to the LFD tool. I can see it now – for folks like me who are tanks but refuse outright to tank for full random groups and so DPS instead, we’ll queue as DPS as normal and get into the dungeon only to find no-one else has a tank spec. Oh, the joy.

    Anyhow, we’ll see. Congrats on your run of decentish LFD groups :) are you Argent Dawn EU or US btw?

  3. Rumbarr says:

    I refuse to pug anymore and do not even do bg’s , I just log in nowadays and do my own thing and haven’t enjoyed myself this much in many years . Guilds to are a headache for me, I have yet to find a guild ( in WoW that is ) where the people put the guild first and themselves second . Anyways I’ll make a toon on Argent Dawn and look ya up . If you want to level one of your lower levels up, we can duo if you like .

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