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Thanks to the 45-day ‘welcome back’ program that SOE is currently running, a few of my friends (and I) have returned to our roots in EverQuest. It wasn’t that long ago that we were playing and doing the 12 year anniversary tasks, but we had taken a bit of a break (and then the nasty business happened with SOE being down for a few days). It feels good to be back, and as you can see by my screen shot above, there’s a lot of other players who feel exactly the same way. The screen shot is of the Drinal server, which is where I play.

There’s also some exciting news for EverQuest in the future, as they prepare to start their ‘Hardcore heritage’ event once more this year. Basically this is where they take numerous old world zones of lower levels and adjust them to be end game zones with all new loot tables and mechanics. Here are the details to the event this year:

Are you ready to revisit some of your favorite classic zones and experience all new challenges? Well Hardcore Heritage is almost here!

Hardcore Heritage, one of our yearly events where we revisit some older zones and update them to provide a more challenging environment, is coming to a server near you soon! Spread over the months May to July, you’ll have an opportunity to visit the old stomping grounds with entirely new foes to battle.

The schedule for events is as follows:

5/23 – 6/12

  • Blackburrow (Level 80)
  • Cazic Thule (Level 80)


  • Lower Guk (Level 85)
  • Unrest (Level 85)


  • Crushbone (Level 90)
  • ?????????? (Level 90)

This year we’re presenting two newly revamped zones, Crushbone and one other yet to be announced. Nostalgia and loot will abound, make sure you stop by and visit all the old spots from Trainer Hill to Emperor Crush’s throne room itself! There’s even a new challenge for two to three groups of players, can you defeat Emperor Crush and his stalwart allies?

I’m pretty excited, I have participated in the event previous years and it’s always a lot of fun. It’s also nice to see players gathered together in zones instead of always running missions which has been the fad as of late – especially with the bonus experience in place. Ultann has returned to the game and we’re currently attempting to help him level from 85-90 so he can partake in more of the House of Thule content. It’s a slow process, but at least he has bonus experience to make use of this week.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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